Brandon Partners, headquartered in the redwoods that lay just over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley, provides corporate and public sector training, assessment and learning tools, instructor certification, keynote presentations, executive coaching, and applied behavioral sciences consulting to enhance performance and organizational results. In 1998, our founder Rick Brandon, a thirty-year veteran in communication skills development, jumped when asked by a Fortune 10 bank client for a political savvy program aimed at managers at career turns. Soon, several clients urged Brandon to write Survival of the Savvy (Free Press, 2004), noting that too little material existed in the marketplace on this important competency. Subscribe to Our BlogSubscribe to our email list to receive our Savvy Blog posts direct to your inbox.
Making an employee feel an integral part of the big picture and motivating them towards excellence while owning their part of the work is something a master manager can achieve. Every coach has his or her own unique way of coaching clients, but one thing every coach should have in common is the creation of a coaching plan.

Raising kids to be independent and responsible is one of the most important jobs any parent can undertake. Here are 6 time management tips that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The firm’s distinctive marketplace specialty is for learning solutions that cultivate the workplace competencies of Organizational and Interpersonal Savvy, Managerial Motivation skills, and Self-Motivation Skills.
Through direct delivery and our strategic alliances with other training companies around the world, we spread the increasingly vital leadership competency of Organizational Savvy.
Brandon funneled data from 20 years of derailment coaching with 1,300 executives who were either overly political or under-political into a cutting edge workshop on ethical organizational politics. This straight-talking and practical book quickly made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, was called “the definitive book on political savvy” by Robert Eichinger, founder of the Lominger Career Architect, and earned endorsements by thought leaders Ken Blanchard, Marshall Goldsmith, Harvey MacKay, and many CEO’s.

Kids who view themselves as able to take care of themselves are likely to experience more happiness and success. The course became the bank’s “most popular leadership program,” and has since been taught for scores of blue-chip clients across a range of industries: financial services, health care, technology, biotech, utilities, manufacturing, service, retail, insurance, government, and higher education. The book’s core model is regularly presented at The Conference Board, American Society of Training and Development, the Institute for Management Studies (18 cities in 2005, the most requested program) and many companies’ Leadership Forums.

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