One of your jobs as a preacher is to teach your listeners how to live out the truths you preach from Scripture. You’re married, but you have someone at work that you find yourself attracted to more and more. Positioning the Bar: The top bar is built with a single nav element with a class of top-bar. Rick Warren's free weekly Ministry Toolbox email for pastors helps you with sermons prep, dealing with criticism and fatigue, and more. If your goal is simply to educate or inform your audience so they can be more knowledgeable, then stop preaching. Preaching, of necessity, requires application. I once listened to a sermon where the preacher concluded with a list of 13 ways to apply the message.
When I unnecessarily make the process of teaching application too complicated it tends to be unhelpful.
Use your preaching team during your preparation to think of how your message will land on as many different people as possible.

It’s called Preaching Killer Sermons: How to Create and Deliver Messages that Captivate and Inspire. The text has one meaning, and hopefully your message can be summed up in one big idea, but the way the text can be applied to someone’s life is innumerable. In your message, describe people’s situations to them as if you completely understand where they’re coming from and what they’re going through.
Give that to God today and make yourself accountable to a friend before you go to work tomorrow. They will likely apply to someone, and if they’re varied enough, they’ll hit close to home with others even if they don’t describe their exact situation. Most people struggle to remember thirteen different truths from one sermon, much less apply them. You can’t list every possible way it could be applied, but you want to get your listeners to see for themselves how it applies to their situation. The point of giving examples is to get people to think about their lives and how they need to respond in some way to your message.

If you want your navigation to be set to your grid width, wrap it in div class="contain-to-grid". Instead, in the introduction I build tension by giving examples that touch on as many different types of situations as possible. You may use fixed and contain-to-grid together in the wrapping div (div class="contain-to-grid fixed). It’s what I need in order to take action!” When I’m preparing I try to ask myself what, if any, challenge could be extended in the sermon. So this doesn’t come across as a list, but a natural flow from point to application to illustration and back.

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