Afgelopen week vertrok de groep van Nyenrodes Leadership Development Program 7 richting Hubermont in de Belgische Ardennen.
Are you looking to improve upon or establish new skills in leading and teaching outdoor programs?
Prior to the outdoor session, we will conduct a classroom session focused on the first aid and leave no trace skills. You must attend both the classroom session and the weekend session to complete the training.
Please make arrangements to attend the entire course — our schedule is full and you won't want to miss any of the instruction.
This training provides critical information about the Cub Scouting overall and about your particular leadership position in Cub Scouting, including program planning, camping and other events, the nature of Cub Scouts, advancement, youth protection, safety, training, budgets, fund raising and much more. Participants are encouraged to complete "This Is Scouting" and Youth Protection Training (both available online) prior to start of this course. We have been running UK adventure and activity holidays and development courses for over 40 years, with full insurance and accredited by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) amongst other accreditations. Op het programma stond een module met outdoor training onder leiding van Herman Wittockx, associate professor strategic leadership, en programmamanager Kathelijn Geerts.
IOLS, as it is commonly known, is one of two required training courses for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters (the other required course is S24, Troop Leader Position-specific Training). We will provide a cracker barrel snack Friday evening as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
We are a team of dedicated outdoor activity professionals with many years of experience in adventure, activity and development training.
Years of national experience have allowed us to select the very best outdoor locations for the activity you choose.

Classic river trips down the Wye, Thames or Severn, or Sea canoeing from classic beach locations, from 2 days to 5 days. Led by ex-millitary bushcraft specialist, or an expedition expert, with skills developed through work in remote areas.
Customers include individuals, families, groups, companies and local authorities, who come on adventure days, adventure holidays, team-building events, and skills training courses.
We run training and qualifying expeditions across the UK, Europe and overseas for Bronze, Silver and Gold.
We provide a personal service and are always on hand with help and advice in preparing for your experience. To confirm the booking we require a £25 deposit per person and a completed booking form per person. We will also provide food for dinner on Saturday and participants will prepare the meal as part of the cooking skill instruction. Outer Active offers a fresh and professional approach to activities, expeditions and outdoor development training. From gorge walking in South Wales to scrambling in the Lake District, an Outer Active adventure and development training is within a few hours of your front door.
White water kayaking courses and rock climbing courses, mountain navigation courses, all to improve skills and confidence working with the very best instructors with loads of experience and enthusiasm. Participants can choose to do their expedition section of the Award on Canoe, Mountain Bike, Horseback or on Foot. De combinatie van aan de ene kant de serene rust en de intieme huiselijkheid en aan de andere kant het avontuur en de directe beleving van de natuur in de Ardennen, bood een perfecte leeromgeving. The program is intensive and requires a commitment of both time and energy. The Outdoor Education and Outreach team with Texas State Parks wants to help you become a better and more confident instructor!

By attending the Master Outdoor Leadership Training (MOLT) in the Houston area followed by 30 hours of volunteer work in state parks you will be certified as a Master Outdoor Leader.
Information about specific gear requirements will be provided prior to the weekend session.
Having gone through the Texas Master Naturalist program, I can attest to the quality of training by TPWD. In de natuur vervagen rollen en hebben mensen minder houvast om op een vaste, sociale structuur terug te grijpen. The training is open to the public and is designed to take excited volunteers, volunteer hopefuls, or budding outdoor enthusiasts and coach them through best practices in hosting an outdoor skills or interpretive program. Ik heb het dan niet over ingrijpende veranderingen als gevolg van het noodlot, maar over de actieve rol die jij kunt innemen in een veranderingsproces. De vraag is altijd of iedereen daarbij hetzelfde beeld heeft, maar misschien is dat van ondergeschikt belang. Het gaat om de stip op de horizon, de richting en dat een ieder het gevoel heeft daar een concrete bijdrage aan te kunnen leveren.
Een nieuw inzicht voor mij was ook dat er wel degelijk structuur zit in organisch organiseren en hoe natuurlijk dit proces eigenlijk verloopt. Het geeft enorme voldoening om zo concreet aan een ander zijn of haar leerproces bij te dragen en daardoor zelf verrijkt te worden.

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