Experiential classroom and field training curriculum building on the AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership by OSI's Alex Kosseff. Signature Competence.Your BRAND in ACTION.A Brand is now known by the customer experience it delivers!
Every key threshold of life which one inevitably crosses, though one may approach it eagerly or avoid it with stern obstinacy, the threshold always is and remains an adventure!
Many organizations, often look at an adventure based outward bound program as a getaway of sorts, a break from the routine - some treat it and are happy to experience it as a picnic.
When you respond to such a voice positively and move on - the process of change begins, the very first step can transform you. In the section on roots of competencewe explored how competence is about deploying the energy of a person or a group of people at a goal! This IOL approved 2 day expedition leader training is a fun and informative course giving you the hard and soft expedition leadership skills required to lead your own expeditions or fieldwork trips. Our expedition leader training uses scenario based exercises to look at the soft skills which are vital in expedition leadershipas well as looking at pre-planning and dynamic safety management during the trips.
This course looks at the logistics of organising and leading an expedition and follows the stages through from planning on paper to applying this paperwork actively in the field. We'll also look at opportunities in the expedition sector and structures for qualifications.
I've always wanted to start working in the expedition sector, but never really knew how to get started. Afgelopen week vertrok de groep van Nyenrodes Leadership Development Program 7 richting Hubermont in de Belgische Ardennen.
These training services range from conference workshops to comprehensive multi-day staff training programs. All key people processes like hiring, recruitment & performance management must be based on competencies. Working FOR PEOPLE!TEN valuable tips for organizations implementing a competency framework. Transforming competence to performance is a HUMAN process which involves all your faculties & sensibilities.

As we saw in the section on motivation,the process & outcomes of the adventure CREATE you! Adventure based outbound training programs have their element of fun and excitement, and really the adventure experience OUTSIDE becomes a great learning experience when it touches a person or a group of people INSIDE!
When the goal is clearly defined and clearly SEEN by people as in the outdoors when the mountain peak is clearly seen - that clarity helps!
We will look at scenario discussions, practical exercises and also look at reviewing and personal development on expeditions. However no previous experience is necessary and it would equally suit anyone planning to get involved in an expedition for the first time or just interested in learning more. Op het programma stond een module met outdoor training onder leiding van Herman Wittockx, associate professor strategic leadership, en programmamanager Kathelijn Geerts. Broad areas of focus include risk management, outdoor leadership, technical skills, and driver training.
Or else competency models & applications get reduced to being mere fancy terms and jargon! Yet again, Joseph Campbell's Hero's journey begins, now donning a new persona in the outdoors! When organizations who conduct such 'outdoor management development programs' based on experiential learning, work thoroughly on the people BEFORE the program and have participants who are now open and conducive to experiencing the adventure within, the results can be extraordinary.
People are able to focus their energies and direct them towards the goal with a clear understanding of their own strengths and limitations. Expedition Pre-Planning: We will look at the main documents which will form a central part of any expedition plan - the Risk Assessment and the Crisis Management Plan. In the corporate sector, programs on themes like team building, leadership, communications, alignment of management teams, creativity and unlocking potential and self awareness & development are very popular and can yield excellent results. On the STRETCH factor and what makes a person go way beyond limits and put in extraordinary efforts. De combinatie van aan de ene kant de serene rust en de intieme huiselijkheid en aan de andere kant het avontuur en de directe beleving van de natuur in de Ardennen, bood een perfecte leeromgeving. Do you feel you have it in you to reach there?" A challenge in the outbound often begins with such voices heard outside or within a person, as she may behold a breathtaking panorama of nature which beckons.

And deploy that ability to do more, far more - to stretch and attain goals which looked insurmountable, impossible! People are NOT clear about the goal and also are not in touch with their own strengths and limitations!
Extended Expedition Scenarios: Risk assessments, crisis management plans etc are too often seen as a necessary evil which take up a lot of time and then sit mouldy in the bottom of a rucksack. A person invariably KNOWS and can see WHAT needs to change - that is the easy part - actually translating that to ACTION is difficult. Using a combination of discussions and practical sessions we will look at real life examples of why the paperwork is important and how it can be actively applied and adapted in the field.
They are more about something inside you or your team or organization, which tells you that you can do it! In de natuur vervagen rollen en hebben mensen minder houvast om op een vaste, sociale structuur terug te grijpen.
Ik heb het dan niet over ingrijpende veranderingen als gevolg van het noodlot, maar over de actieve rol die jij kunt innemen in een veranderingsproces. De vraag is altijd of iedereen daarbij hetzelfde beeld heeft, maar misschien is dat van ondergeschikt belang. Het gaat om de stip op de horizon, de richting en dat een ieder het gevoel heeft daar een concrete bijdrage aan te kunnen leveren. Een nieuw inzicht voor mij was ook dat er wel degelijk structuur zit in organisch organiseren en hoe natuurlijk dit proces eigenlijk verloopt. Het geeft enorme voldoening om zo concreet aan een ander zijn of haar leerproces bij te dragen en daardoor zelf verrijkt te worden.

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