Colley has held 27 Solo Exhibitions, Books, Magazine Articles, Online Articles, Online Blog Articles and Demonstration DVD’s to his credit. The journey is ongoing and his desire is to push himself to achieve the highest level possible. Download Marcel Desbiens' "How to setup your home painting studio" guide and stay up to date with news & events. When I met you, you encouraged me to give painting a go again, telling me that you had an amazing strategy that would get me rolling, and it did!

Choose from the following options: For $30, you get a teen art class (a $60 value). Also receive priority announcements about popular upcoming workshops before they are made public. Through hands-on guidance, students of the beginner oil-painting class learn how to map out and paint a landscape portrait, which may include scenes such as a verdant prairie or a Tuscan vineyard.
Oil-painting classes require no experience and employ odorless studio supplies that are easy to clean up.

Soothing music and sweet aromatherapy scents guide students' therapeutic brush strokes during the meditative painting class, in which they take in pointers on simple acrylic painting techniques as they achieve a newfound level of relaxation.*Please support this site by using the links provided.

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