We’ve shared a simple and effective 5-step process for sharing feedback and holding another person accountable for performance. If you’d like to share this skill set with others as part of your performance coaching training, please contact us. The course is structured so that each segment covers the neccessary theory, as well as demonstrations and practical exercises.
Rock & Sun is UK's leading provider of rock climbing holidays, rock climbing courses and private guiding for everyone - from individuals to groups!
The Rock & Sun Performance Coaching courses are here to maximise and develop your rock climbing ability and enjoyment, whatever your previous climbing experience.
Whatever your present rock climbing grade, each new course level will enable you to observe, practice and acquire a wide range of effective techniques and skills for increased confidence and performance.
Consolidation of learnt skills is deliberately thorough at each level to enable best understanding of how to progress your climbing skills independently. Each level has been carefully constructed according to research into climbers' existing abilities.
These courses are for everyone whatever grade you climbDifferent level courses to suit you.You can enter in at the level you're climbingProgress quickly! We are happy to share what we've learnt from booking flights all over the world on a regular basis. Enter your comment details below, please note all comments are moderated before publishing. Revolutionaries normally carry guns but in boardrooms across the globe, they come armed with a radical mission – to overthrow old-style management practices and bring in a new order to re-engage employees.
As report after report comes in showing that the majority of employees are disengaged from their work, which is in turn depressing productivity and profits, it becomes increasingly evident that existing management practices aren’t working. Statistics like those from the Gallup Management Journal and Right Management Consultants (the world’s largest career transition and organisational consulting firm) that show only between 20% to 30% of employees are fully engaged (working with passion) in their jobs. A bigger percentage say they are actively disengaged (causing trouble at work) and the majority are in a sleepwalking type of state, putting in the hours but not the energy or passion. Engaged employees stay in the job longer, and are safer, more productive and more profitable – so it is imperative that something is done to address a situation where between 70% and 80% of employees are working with varying degrees of alienation from their jobs and companies. Leaders are still too often using old-style practices where they give orders and expect people to follow directions, instead of allowing them to think and create for themselves. For the first time in history, the employee often knows more about how to do the job than the manager. When you don’t have all the answers, being directive may not be the best way to drive performance. When people start to have ideas and have the ability to act on them, they certainly are significantly more engaged in the job than they were before.

These six steps describe a new way for leaders to have conversations when they want to make a difference another to another person’s performance.
And like any revolution, it needs massive support and so far, the signs are good – change is indeed in the air. When people are listened to they begin to have something to say, and their energy levels go up – and then they really start to enjoy themselves. The people who disengage with where the company is going are the ones with the low energy and negativity who have stopped thinking for themselves. Tennis is another sport that involves no external contact and therefore should be injury free. Tennis is a very demanding and physically challenging sport, where all body flexibility, mobility and strength is required.
Common injuries occur in tennis through poor foot recruitment which transcends into inhibited power output. Use the skills taught throughout this course to be able to communicate efficiently, no matter what the topic.
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All our courses put a strong emphasis on procedural learning: rather than lecturing, short introductions are given to each segment, followed by extensive practical work in pairs or threes.
You will explore and experience rather than 'learn' the foundations and essence of coaching. This major new edition is totally revised and updated with new material on coaching in a crisis and leadership for a difficult future. Coaching for Performance is the bible of the industry and very much the definitive work that all coaches stand on.
Not everyone comes along on our holidays with a friend, their partner or in groups.  In fact at least 60% of our clients travel alone! As you complete each level, you can expect to see your grade, confidence and performance soar. We acknowledge your individual rock climbing aspirations, and anticipate much fun along the learning road. This was the first book I purchased when looking into the Coaching profession back in 2000.
They describe a new way to interact, to give feedback, to influence, to stretch and grow people and to bring out the best in others. Get people to become aware of their mental dilemmas and reflect more deeply on them by asking questions about their current reality. Following up can make a big difference to the emergence of new wiring (neural connections in the brain) so we focus on the facts and people’s feelings. As the largest UK school for coaches, The Coaching Academy has developed a reputation for quality training and has trained over 30,000 people in coaching skills over the last ten years.

Combined with the need for various energy systems to be recruited, a tennis specific training programme is uniquely tailored to the individual to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. This is generally the cause of most repetitive strains in the knees, shoulder and elbows and can easily be corrected through appropriate training strategies. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This new edition explains clearly and in-depth how to unlock people s potential to maximize their performance Contains the eponymous GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will), now established as the basis for coaching professionals. I still refer back to it regularly and, like all great books, I am constantly discovering new concepts, new questions, new perspectives – even to this day.
In the majority of situations, you get a better performance from people by helping them to think better, rather than by just telling them what to do.
Once they’ve had an insight, we explore alternatives for how to move their insight into action then we tap into the energy given off by the new connections being made. We encourage, listen for learning, look for implications and then look for the next goal to focus on. Ben has been making great strides in junior Tennis, through corrective rehabilitation programmes for junior players aged from 5 to 18. Clear, concise, hands-on and reader-friendly, this is a coaching guide written in a coaching style. Whitmore presents a comprehensive overview of the GROW model with simple analogies which bring the process to life. At present the centre where Ben delivers the Strength and Conditioning programme reports no tennis related injuries to their players, of which there are over 50 girls and boys registered.
It digs deep into the roots of coaching, particularly transpersonal psychology, a useful model for personal development and in-depth coaching. There are new coaching questions and fresh chapters on emotional intelligence and high-performance leadership.
Don’t be put off by the slightly academic look of the cover design, which reminds me of some of the books I still have following my Psychology degree (I break into a cold sweat just thinking about them!) There's a reason why Coaching for Performance has become an international bestseller since it was first published in 1992.
Whitmore also considers the future of coaching and its role in the transformation of learning and workplace relationships, as well as illustrating how coaching can help in a crisis.

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