Building a strong personal brand requires moving up the personal branding pyramid in sequential steps, ultimately arriving at a successful and completely congruent brand.
The subject of today’s post is a result of my reflection upon the completion of my aforementioned project. Aside from the boldness of this entry, what does it really have to do with the subject of this post? I probably made personal branding sound like a horrible thing to get yourself in to, while in fact it is completely the opposite. I like the post, personal branding is your reputation, and your reputation is like your shadow, you dont have to work hard to have a shadow, it is always there. Micheline, from what I have learned about you through you’re writing and social media engagement, I would define your Personal Brand’s DNA in three words Benevolent, Loving, and Passionate!
April 5, 2011 by Kristen Jacoway 4 Comments The importance of personal branding in a job search and career management is critical. The three phases of Reach Communications personal branding process includes extract, express, and exude. Extracting this information will position you to leverage your core competencies in your organization. Kristen Jacoway is the founder of Career Design Coach, providing professional speaking, training, and one-on-one consultation focused on next-generation career marketing services. I launched this Blog with one objective - to provide unique insights and practical advice for using the power of personal branding to achieve your goals.
To ensure this Blog provides many points of view, I invited the Preferred Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists to contribute their wisdom with you as well. With personal branding, you are not only thinking about your assets, you are thinking about what you want to be known for. I once knew a finance analyst who, in his own words, was an a€?Excel God.a€? He knew Excel (software) at a depth that no one else did. You can add to that definition what you want to be known for, because your personal brand is also aligning the image people have of you to where you are headed. Personal brand concepts:A a€?No-limits marketing,a€? leverage and innovative nature, traditional marketing and online social marketing, no limits to creative marketing solutions, a€?practiced handa€? that creates solutions by adjusting the solutions to each companya€™s mission, product, strategy and industry. Stand out:A Many people get nervous about crossing over to other industries, but this person puts it out there as an asset.
Personal brand concepts:A Internationally renowned, recognized for advancing the needs of job seekers and enhancing training strategies for career coaches, recognized as the 1st a€?motivationala€? career coach in the US.
Personal brand concepts: Master organizer with an eye for detail, meticulously create and execute special events. Stand out:A This works because you truly understand that this person is organized, detailed oriented and bubbly, all at the same time. If you are unclear about your personal brand, just pay attention to what your co-workers seek you out for. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox!
Making yourself attractive to employers online and marketing your company’s ability using, for example, your LinkedIn Profile is becoming one and the same and no longer compartmentalized tasks. 2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #4: With all the new, do not forget the traditional.
Many executive branding blogs talk about having an page, your own personal website and a personal blog, whether you do that on LinkedIn Publishing or your own URL Blog. Looking to update your resume and LinkedIn profile? Not sure where to start, or maybe you feel you need a fresh set of eyes? If you are interested in working with Lisa Rangel, an accomplished executive resume and LinkedIn Profile writer, LinkedIn Job Seeker Group Moderator and job search consultant, to achieve the social media exposure and land the interviews you want, sign up for an exploratory call now and learn about how Chameleon Resumes can help. Learn how to optimize your job search results with our guide to working with corporate recruiters. If you liked these, you’ll also enjoy our past collection of 7 Funny Personal Branding Cartoons or 15 Funniest Cartoons About Layoffs.
Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs.
Jacob Share is the founder and SVP of Share Select Media, a company focused on empowering quality bloggers and blogs such as Group Writing Projects, The Original Home of Group Writing Projects.
Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, satisfaction of each step enables you to move to the next.
I addressed this subject in a previous post, entitled Personal Branding – Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop, where I expressed how my earned brand attention suffered due to a long interruption of my social media engagement.
Your brand is not engraved in stone and neither are you, but if they were, they would be identical. As a business person, this is somehow contradicting to traditional wisdom from traditional businessmen.

We can see the sparkling image of this brand and how the brand carries its responsibility to its customer and the society. I hope I can continue feeding your brand and I count on your to pay it forward and help others build theirs. You can get a 15-day free password to the Reach 360 Personal Brand assessment by clicking here. Since your personal brand is real and authentic to you, you aren’t masquerading to be something you are not. If you are inside a corporation, personal branding facilitates using your strengths to support the corporate brand. The personal branding process helps you to define your vision, purpose, values, and passions.
In turn, uncovering your personal brand attributes and defining your vision, purpose, values, and passions facilitates in you defining your ultimate role and place where you want to work (whether it be a company or for yourself).
Reach 360 evaluations are different because it protects the confidentiality of people’s responses as it is Web-based.
You will have to purchase the book by Marcus Buckingham (well worth the cost, though – excellent information!).
In the next article, we will look at tools and resources to help you uncover your values and define your long- and short-term goals.
It’s dedicated to those who want to be wildly successful by maximizing what makes them unique, relevant and compelling. Ita€™s hard to look at yourself objectively, especially when ita€™s to think about your assets. I believe a great way to help understand something is to define it by giving good supportive examples.
He knew it so well it was almost his position in the finance organization, because he not only was the a€?go-toa€? person, he was a critical asset to that group because of it.
You dona€™t become president without helping people see you (and your personal brand) in that role. They are clear about the range of marketing they can deliver and why they can effectively adjust to each company.
No wonder this person is a top rated motivational career coach, because they help you understand that is what they are known for; and thata€™s to get you excited! You really get the idea that you would enjoy working with this person while they were pulling together your event.
The information you use for your resume can be a springboard for creating your mobile-friendly LinkedIn Profile and your page, which feeds off your LinkedIn Profile content. Savvy executives know competitors are attracted to job search candidates that demonstrate the behavior they want to see in their own organization.
If you take the time to comment and share other’s content, then you are fostering engagement.
Some of the newer mediums on the scene (or older mediums now becoming mainstream for executives to use) involve video, live streaming and more interconnected static pages such YouTube, Facebook Video, Blab, Periscope and pages. Your personal brand is not a mask that you wear depending on the occasion; it is who you are all the time, in any situation or environment (work, fun, love …), with any kind of crowd (friends, parents, colleagues, clients …).
And, I would assume that it has earned enough credibility throughout the years, which allows the brand to simply focus on releasing new products and take a break from worrying about their brand, right? Another piece of the personal brand that can morph is where it intersects with your career brand.
I couldn’t speak for other people, however, those who have shared their experience with me, in order to be successful in the business world, I need to do exactly what you are objecting, wearing different masks in different situation. Having said that, and given what you said about your school, why don’t you consider giving a small workshop about the importance of personal branding and speak of your experience. In the personal branding process, you will go through three phases to uncover what’s real and authentic about you.
A 360 evaluation allows input from people who are closest to you: friends, family, and colleagues.
If you are the a€?go-toa€? person for graphical design, then your personal brand is all about graphical design, even if that is not your job. To further develop your understanding, study these examples, even if none of them are exactly what you do. Being mindful on how your information appears on mobile phones and tablets will ensure audiences see you as a detailed marketing-savvy exec, no matter what your discipline is. Using your brand to include some aspects of your personal life in your online presence can be effective to getting staff to see the executive as a regular person, as well. Effective personal brands engage on other’s platforms, answer back comments on their own platforms and product content. He grew up between Canada, France and Israel where he had his first Internet experience in 1994 and was hooked.

This gives you the energy you need to grow your brand tall so that you stand head and shoulders above your peers or competitors. Personal branding is the process of matching the perception of your brand with the true essence of your brand. Some people might actually answer this question in affirmation, to those I say, are you taking a break from being you, or being something you are not (just to please others)? It can be relieving to ditch the masks, but at the same time, humans have been using different personae amongst different people for ages to keep society working (one mask as a daughter, one as a mother, one as a wife…). The Reach 360 is a Web-based evaluation that takes your respondents approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.
You will complete a 360 evaluation on yourself and then you can see how the personal brand attributes, team role, leadership role, strengths, etc.
Hopefully, they will help prompt you to a€?get ita€? about your brand so you can communicate it clearly to others. It’s the resume process, the process of vetting relevant achievements and developing one’s personal brand, which is the basis of all of these branding mediums and their elements. Being aware of the ways to reach your target audience though (candidates for hire, vendors, clients, prospects, employees, etc) will enable you to employ a tactic quickly when needed.
If you reflect on that question for a minute or two, you will realize that ultimately you are who you are, and this is exactly what your personal brand should reflect! Nike’s size actually presents them with an even bigger responsibility towards the brand and its loyal customers. Finally, contemplate your world given the chance to do all this all the time for the rest of your life. Personal branding allows you to highlight your strengths and show employers how much you can contribute to their company. Even if you do not send the resume to everyone, doing the exercise gets challenges and achievements flushed out to focus on the relevant ones—enabling you to come across as a forward thinking executive and not simply a senior executive spewing their history to impress for no reason. My brand DNA is best described as Creative, Passionate, and Dedicated – this applies to all aspects of my life, be it work, family, love, friends … I am the same person all over the place! Dan Schawbel, Gary Vaynerchuk, and William Arruda have all established very solid personal brands, published books, and are successfully running their consulting businesses (among others) – sounds like a pretty good place to take a break, right? In addition, how your image is perceived also depends on your relationship with this particular person. Bristol__________Having a strong brand foundation is really the table stakes that gets you into the game. It is important to look at who you are trying to attract and know where they hang out…and then be there! It means being in good health and having your mind in a place that allows you to creatively build and nurture your brand. On a lighter note, it’s already difficult keeping up with one Me – I can’t imagine keeping tabs on multiple characters of me! When your have met these needs, you have a solid footing on which you can forge a winning personal brand. With a strong brand foundation in place, you can move onto the first phase of the Reach Personal Branding Process, Extract.Phase I.
All of the strongest brands in the world have a good idea of where they want their careers or businesses to be. You must be just as clear with your professional objectives.__________I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. By knowing what those around you think, you can validate what you believe is your unique promise of value. Focusing on your target audience will ensure that you concentrate all your brand building efforts on those who will help you expand your success. Understanding as much as you can about your peers or competitors will help you identify your unique talents that you can express to your target audience.__________I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you. Visibility requires building a communications plan that keeps you top of mind with your target audience. Exude – Brand EnvironmentConnectionHaving a strong personal brand requires being connected to a network of resources for mutual development and growth. During this phase you ensure that everything in your brand environment - everything that surrounds you - sends the same on brand message. As you satisfy the requirements of each step, you can move onto higher order branding activities that will greatly enhance your ability to achieve your personal and professional goals.So how strong is your personal brand?
Take the new automated personal branding quiz and find out where your brand stands right now.

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