You want big changes, you want to see the impact of your actions and know you’re hard work is making a difference. You know you have more to give if you could just remove the obstacle(s) and work to your strengths again. If speed is what you need, take the most powerful, individualized, and effective step possible. If you have been feeling like there is glue in your system, you probably have been noticing it for a while now. If you’ve ever wondered about the source of your experience, this unique mentorship program will rock your world. If you work with clients, you need to have the tools to create consistent breakthroughs and regular goal achievement for them. No training alone can prepare you for the variety of challenges you face when you are working with clients. Most facilitator trainings focus on techniques, but the truth is healing is all about relationship. Many of my clients choose the convenience of sessions by Skype or phone, in the comfort of their own home.
Many of my clientele (especially high profile people) deeply value their privacy and you won’t see any testimonials or comments from them on my web site or in my materials.
You can be assured that my team and I maintain a “no compromise” policy when it comes to privacy.
If you want to get started right away by booking online, choose a program page from the Quick Links below. If you would prefer to talk to a real person, feel free to contact the Success Without Sacrifice team and we will be happy to answer any questions and help you find the program that’s the best fit for your goals.

Things just aren’t going as smoothly as you want them to, your colleagues seem to be dumping on you and you’ve just had the same “discussion” with your partner for the 12th time! Because when you do, you don’t only have clients, you create loyal fans that rave about your work … an absolute necessity to your successful business. When you choose a Professional Training program at Success Without Sacrifice, you get access to real time feedback and support that will serve you with your clients immediately. This group is a community of dedicated professionals facilitated by Master Healer Tim Lowry and Jonathan T. Building on the idea that mentorship is THE most effective way to master complex skills, the next step is to bring that expertise to your clients. Whatever your schedule, if you are committed to yourself and to your program, I can help you.
This no travel necessary policy is a big deal and they love knowing that although face-to-face work is always an option, with me they can achieve the same results without time consuming and expensive travel. Not because they thought our work together wasn’t amazing or because they didn’t get the results they wanted. Whatever your level of experience with personal growth and integration, once you experience what can happen for you, the excitement is infectious. Clients love that I have a strong, yet safe energy, and I’m committed to creating a space where all is welcome. Then, simply click the button on that page and you will be able to immediately make your investment and start scheduling your sessions. They experience the joy, the freedom, and the success that is possible when your breakthrough is only the beginning.

Develop a clear and practical understanding of the subtle energetics through which all of your creations and experiences are filtered. You also enter into a community of like-minded professionals that are not only there to learn as well, they are there to offer their experience and support to you too.
Whether you are a therapist, facilitator, counselor, coach, healer, or energy professional this group is for you!
I’ve built a rock-solid reputation with my clients over the years for maintaining their privacy. Where you can let go of any fears, anxieties and troubles and we can dive deep into the work, quickly and safely.
In just one session, you will not only get the focused attention you deserve, you will know that your breakthrough is only the beginning. As you continue to deepen and focus your awareness, you will be learning how to apply ALL your skills to working with individuals, clients, groups, even challenging family relationships. Your SWS Certification creates instant credibility for you and gives you more confidence in any situation.

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