About me: I am a certified as a Personal Trainer and Wellness and Nutrition consultant through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates ?
Tijdens de Sportvasten Groeps-Challenge starten we met een kleine groep, onder begeleiding van Sportvasten Coach Tamara Brank, de Sportvastenkuur tegelijkertijd. Food laws are constantly changing and making sense of the numbers on food packaging can be difficult. MY ANCESTRAL MUMMA- INTERVIEW TESTIMONIAL Mum won't mind me saying this, but English isn't her first language, and she can't always get across exactly what she'd like to. Er wordt elke dag een training aangeboden en er is een groepsforum waar iedereen zijn ervaringen op kan delen en vragen op kan stellen. Weight loss tends to be one of the major benefits (and most obvious) that clients experience.
Het blijft een individuele kuur maar op deze manier heb je mensen om je heen die precies begrijpen wat er gebeurd en er samen voor gaan.

This is a combination of Lebanese dialect (Arabic) mixed seamlessly (and strangely eloquently) with Australian English. So yes, this interview was conducted in another language, not necessarily recognised by the UN, but I've done my best to translate it for you here as accurately as possible. I was very skeptical of some of the advice at first, but I thought that I owed it to you (and myself) to try it for at least 30-60 days. When I look at the before and after photos you made, my jaw just drops every single time - NO WAY am I going back to that.
You've got to understand, I've been fed the conventional nonsense from so many different health professionals over the years.
Yeah sure, I lost a little weight when I did it, but I'd always put it back on (and much more) shortly after.
I don't miss it, but occasionally I feel a little guilty when I eat meals without pita bread.

Have a look at the Lebanese community; very handsome, very beautiful people, but they all have big round bellies, diabetes, heart disease, what else? Bread with breakfast, bread with lunch, bread with dinner, bread with bread, even bread with a banana for Christ sake. I notice when I have a little now, I get really bloated, I need a nap straight after, and I even get a little grumpy with your dad.

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