Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Zip-N-Hit Pro acts like a portable batting cage, allowing batters to improve their swing almost anywhere. To determine the proper height to attach the clip, align the cords to a desired height within the strike zone. SKLZ is committed to elevating the athlete in each of us by guiding and serving athletes on their journeys to be their personal best.
Sessions can include 1 hour and 15 minutes of family fun boot camp games and activities, intro to kickboxing, fundamental training techniques for sports, yoga, nutrition, and more. Golfers--improve your golf swing tempo, timing, and grip position indoors or out with the Tempo and Grip Trainer by SKLZ.
I was always intrigued by the kettlebell, but never felt comfortable with the trainers that I saw using it.
There are a lot of great aspects of being a trainer, I get to do what I love as a living which is incredible. I wouldn’t say I have one particular specialty, other than rowing technique, which is only a small but important part of what we do at AOS when it comes to conditioning.
In the midst of his junior year of college, Brett Tucker wasn’t feeling quite like himself. As the flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, based in San Diego California, SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages, skill levels and sports including baseball, football, soccer, golf, softball and basketball. Is your lack of speed preventing you from becoming a gamebreaker If so, this training aid can help. This variable weight sled allows you to strengthen your lower body muscles by resistance training, similar to metal sleds.
Removable weights to simulate both woods and irons help you warm-up, stretch out, and build golf-specific muscles without having to pull out your clubs.

Anthony happened to present at The Summit training seminar with the leader in functional training. My wife bought me a 1:1 session with Mike as a birthday gift and I was sold from the minute I walked in. The main part of that is working in and helping create a positively minded community that is focused on becoming healthier, happier and stronger every day. Zip-N-Hit Pro batting trainer acts like a portable batting cage or pitching machine, allowing batters to improve their baseball swing almost anywhere. SKLZ is known around the world for delivering durable, high-performance training products used by professional and amateur athletes as well as their coaches and trainers seeking to improve on a sport-specific skill or a performance-focused goal such as speed, agility, balance or core strength. Its use of variable weight strengthens your lower half, which enables you to explode from a set position. Practice exploding from a set position, improve your dash time, and increase overall speed. The molded training grip provides ideal hand placement and position to produce the correct golf grip, while two weight adjustments allow you to simulate iron and wood practice. The combination of kettlebells, strength training and conditioning was like nothing I’d seen before, and the results I saw in my strength and physique just proved the effectiveness. I will always approach things from the perspective of a beginner, to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Pull the handles evenly apart and slightly back, keeping the cords pulled tightly throughout the duration of the pitch. Fortunately for me, as someone who was once a hundred pounds overweight, I have been in my clients’ shoes. After a period of training just as a client, Mike offered me the opportunity to come and work with him at AOS and I would have been crazy to say no. Fitness has been not only been a passion for me, but a therapy through any hard times or struggles.

You can also use the handles on the bags to perform various upper and lower body exercises such as lunges or front raises. There is very much an atmosphere of wanting to be the best in what we do at AOS, so we can help our clients continue to grow and reach their goals.
I am particularly interested in body mechanics and mobility and am currently studying to take my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) certification. I continue to learn and expand my knowledge in every session with that same pursuit in mind.
Form is always crucial with any exercise, not just how you should do something but also why.
When he began to integrate kettlebells into our normal workout routine we discovered that the additional cardio training led to even better results.
This is something I try to instill in all my clients so that they can be more confident, knowledgeable and proficient than your average gym goer. I got stronger, mentally tougher, and became overall more healthy and effective in all aspects of my life. The same rules apply inside of AOS as they do outside: Put in the hard work, be consistent, give it your all and you will get the success you want and deserve. Helping people achieve their goals and be more positive about themselves is something I can be thankful for at the end of each day.

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