Personal trainers are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who help their clients lose weight and get a toned body by using a combination of physical exercises and nutrition tips.
The first and perhaps most important quality every Pitcher New York personal trainer must have is genuine interest and passion for health and fitness, given the fact that these professionals work a lot with people.
Those who want to work as legitimate personal trainers and make a living out of it in the US must hold a certification to prove their skills.
When it comes to the advancement opportunities, it must be said that a good and skilled Pitcher NY personal trainer can advance from the entry-level to a top position and he can also work on cruise ships, in spas or resorts, or he can also be hired for corporate fitness by larger organizations that are concerned for the health of their employees. The good news is that while certified personal trainers make around $50,000 on a yearly basis, a good fitness manager can earn around $60,000. This entry was posted in New York and tagged New York personal trainer regulation, New York personal trainer school, personal trainer salary Pitcher NY, personal trainer schools in Pitcher New York, personal trainer training New York, personal trainer training Pitcher NY, Pitcher NY personal trainer certification, Pitcher NY personal trainer degree. For active people that not only enjoy how staying fit allows them to live fuller lives but also want to help others experience the same thing, there are few careers better than becoming a personal trainer.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 with a median income of $31,720 per year or about $15.25 per hour.
An aging baby boomer population that desires to stay fit and millions of Americans young and old that want to do their own personal part to reduce obesity and attendant health risks are just some of the reasons for the growth of this career path.
Because of the wide variety of work environments, personal trainers have a tremendous amount of choice in their careers. For many personal trainers, the option to become their own boss and run their own business is a prime motivator and reason for choosing the career path in 2014.
Because of the tremendous feelings of satisfaction that trainers get from helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, those that become a personal trainer experience a great deal of joy in their careers. For many people that become a personal trainer, the possibility for travel and adventure is a compelling draw.
While some personal trainers love to work with individuals one on one, others are drawn to group fitness where they can work with a number of people at once. One of the many exciting aspects of a career as a personal trainer is the flexibility of work schedule. Although there are even more reasons to become a personal trainer in 2014, they all share the enduring benefit of fulfillment and joy that comes from delivering the healthy benefits of physical activity. I studied for and received ACSM Personal Trainer Certification in one month - and here's how you can, too.
This guide walks you through the steps needed to study for and pass the ACSM Personal Trainer exam.
You should have figured out just about everything you need to know, and have a pretty good grasp on it by this point. Oh, and be sure to sign up for the e-zine Starting Strong to get monthly strength training, exercise, and diet tips e-mailed to you - and access to the free e-book Train Smart, Eat Smart: Exercise Nutrition Hacks! You think you might be able to learn through the online personal fitness training videos, tutorials, and the certification book since you can highlight and make notes in it…but you’re not sure. A viable option for gaining a personal training certification is to attend a career training college that teaches the certification you would like to obtain. 5.      Do I want to have the flexibility to learn the information when I have the time or do I need to have scheduled learning time?
Nationally accredited certifications are widely recognized and accepted across all corporate gyms. At CHCP, not only will you gain expertise about personal training techniques, you will learn entrepreneurship skills through our business management course which will help you to create a successful personal training business. You want to be a personal trainer: you love the gym atmosphere, the lifestyle, and the opportunity to help people who are struggling to reach their fitness goals.

By submitting this form, you give CHCP your consent to be contacted by a variety of methods including phone (both mobile or home, dialed manually or automatically), email, mail, and text message. These professionals can work in a variety of different settings – while some of them work at home or at the client’s home, others operate at the gym, at various fitness facilities and health clubs or even outdoors, especially those who specialize in bootcamp training. We offer certificate and bachelor's and master's degree programs in a wide variety of fields that can be completed 100% online. The good news, however, is that there are tens of affordable training programs to choose from, if you want to get the certification – you can opt for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, for the American Council on Exercise or for the American Fitness Professionals. A wellness trainer, on the other hand, earns around $45,000 while an entry-level wellness instructor typically earns around $30,000 yearly.
I was able to learn more about the different personal trainer programs in New York and found one that fit my needs. This certification is recognized worldwide and also by the Personal Trainers' Association of Singapore. In fact, this is just one of ten or more good reasons why becoming a personal trainer in 2014 is a great idea for an increasing number of people. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. While a strong need is just one of the many reasons to become a personal trainer, there are other equally important reasons to consider. From health clubs, sporting facilities, and corporate gyms to schools, leisure and community centres, nursing homes, hospitals, holiday resorts cruise ships and beyond, the choices are nearly limitless. While all of the choices above can be pursued through an employee career track, they can also be opportunities where business owners can thrive and grow. With many personal trainers saying that the career path blurs the line between work and play, the level of daily and long-term satisfaction is something they feel that they could not find in any other career. Everything from working on a cruise ship to working with sporting teams or working for a company in an exotic locale are all possibilities for personal trainers in 2014 and beyond. These opportunities provide a great deal of variation with a number of specialties ranging from dance, core, stretch, high energy and low impact to boxing, cycling and beyond.
For those that teach classes, they often have a reasonably flexible schedule that allows them to enjoy life to its fullest. With every session and person that you work with, you are actively helping them lead longer and healthier lives through exercise. Even though the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you study for about three months to pass their exam.
If you want to start weight training safely and effectively, with the best info, diet, and routines, check out the 5 Day Beginner Weight Training Course! This will tell you what's involved in becoming a personal trainer, and what you should expect from the course.Still want to become a personal trainer?
Just go to theAmerican Heart Association website to find a course or the American Red Cross's Take a Class page to find a certification program.If you're pressed for time check out the American Heart Association, since some of their CPR certification classes are 4 hours long. Be On Guard for Misspellings and Wrong AnswersThe ACSM may be the gold standard for personal training, but their review materials could sure use a good editor. It's helpful to study the same material in a different medium, and you get exposed to a slightly different cross-section of the material online than is in the book.Most courses are around $30. If you look at the nearest 10 testing centers to your US zip code you can probably find a test in the next few days.I was able to find one the day after I decided to register, which worked out great. Career training colleges are becoming more popular due to the information being taught in a concentrated format, having a condensed timeline, and gaining hands-on experience with fellow students.
Can you receive a book and online video tutorials, read and learn the information on your own, pass the certification exam, and implement it correctly with your client?

Our hands-on technique to teaching means that when you graduate, you will be fully prepared to begin a career in gyms, fitness centers, private studios, corporate wellness programs, or even start your own business as a personal trainer. The problem: there are over a dozen different certifying bodies and certifications available, and you’re not sure which one is the best one for you. It is not uncommon for a personal trainer to specialize in one particular type of training, and it often happens that they choose either aerobic or resistance training depending on the frequency of the exercise as well as on the patient’s overall fitness level.
I was actually lucky enough to secure a grant which means I will have a much easier time financially! Depending on career path, personal trainers can earn in excess of $50,000 per year or more. The same can be said of private trainers that set scheduled appointments with their clients. With more experienced, more and more opportunities will open for those with the personal charisma, business savvy, and drive to succeed. So, read through the guide to get the broad picture of what you'll have to do and then plunge in. The Handbook)This is only 180 pages of reading, and should be significantly easier after reading the textbook. I called them to talk about this, and they told me that they do all their editing in-house and that misspellings sometimes creep in.I believe they should be embarrassed by the sheer volume of grammar and spelling errors (at least 1-3 per chapter). And, since your ACSM Personal Trainer certification exam is a multiple choice test rather than a hands-on in-person exam, I don't think they're necessary. Going slowly and methodically, I finished the exam in about an hour and a half.You'll get to flag questions that you want to review at the end of the test, and skip questions and come back to them later (if you have time). Most certifying bodies, both nationally accredited and not, offer an online-based generalized certification that will encompass all common gym populations. Would you feel more comfortable having an instructor teach the material to you, quiz and test you, prepare you for the certification exam, and know how to implement it with your client? This certification is also readily accepted by all reputable fitness establishments and gyms.
You can skip Chapter 12, on Electrocardiography, because it isn't on the ACSM personal trainer certification exam.At this point, you should be thoroughly familiar with the material you're reading and going over for the THIRD time.
Most certifications are mainly directed to personal training in a corporate gym setting and focus on one-on-one training. This is handy if you're traveling a lot while studying, or to search the text to locate a word, phrase, or topic quickly. Ideas and subjects will be repeated, which will naturally give you a better grasp of the topics.This book also has a little silver scratch rectangle with a code to access an online copy of the handbook on the inside of the front cover. However, it appears that they've taken down that page - even though it was never a complete catalogue of all the errors in their books.My advice?
We go through useful techniques for closing the sale, renewing your clients and getting new referrals.
When you come across something that doesn't make sense, check in other material to see if it makes sense.
These skills, as well as others we will cover, determine the success of a personal trainers' career. Just go through the problem again to check yourself, slowly, and you'll be able to figure out whether it was your error or the book's.

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