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Meal Planning is perhaps the single biggest success factor and difference between those that become and stay fit – and those that don’t. Once you know what weekly success looks like, jot down in “Daily Notes” the most important objective or meeting for a given day. Next jot down when you plan to get your beauty sleep, followed by your exercise sessions (which could be a mix of traditional exercise or passive activities like walking or gardening). Check out Pinterest for additional visual meal planning boards. Alternatively, create a sub-calendar in Google, Outlook, or your calendar application of choice and share it with loved ones and your accountability buddies so everyone knows the game plan.

Shawn has over 15 years business consulting experience and holds multiple business degrees and wellness certifications with extensive experience helping people change their lives through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. That’s why we’ve developed this handy template to guide our clients through this very important process. For many, these are specific health and fitness goals; like average daily step count or daily portions of veggies. For example, “travel to Boston”, “kids start school”, “Sara’s birthday”, or even “same old, same old.” Anything that will help you quickly determine what ‘type’ of day it is. What’s important is that before you even begin thinking about what you (and your family) are going to eat, you document how that incoming nutrition is going to be used. But don’t be afraid to think differently and leverage this tool to chase goals that, until now, you’ve always been too busy or distracted to focus on.

Just carving out the time in your schedule is more than half the battle – whatever you choose, lock down the time in your calendar and protect it at all costs.
Tally up the meals you need and go find your recipes! Once you know what you are cooking, come back to the meal placeholders and update with the specific recipe name.

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