Bryan took his brothera€™s advice and after developing the very first roll, he was completely won over by photography and the immediacy of the image.
Arriving at the offices of Popular Photography Magazine without an appointment, Bryan asked to meet with the features editor. In addition to selling stock and teaching workshops in the early 80’s Bryan had been doing some assignment work for several magazines in the Pacific Northwest.

He suggested Bryan call on a friend of his, Marisa Bulzone, who was an editor at Amphoto books.
In 1983 he made a trip to Seattle and shared his portfolio with several graphic design firms and by the end of that week, he had picked up three corporate annual report jobs. But he was quick to explain that he just arrived from Portland, Oregon and he had some very exciting ideas and images for their magazine which he felt could increase their subscriber base.

He spent the next ten years shooting for the corporate market, and in 1993, he started shooting advertising campaigns, securing these jobs through ad agencies in New York, Atlanta and Chicago.

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