This stunning book by the award-winning equine and wildlife photographer Carol Walker presents the tools to master both technique and subject matter. Every week Carol will bring you a new blog, covering a particular aspect of horse photography. You will learn to work with various models to learn how to make your pin-up photography clients some of your best clients. All photos are copyrighted material of the photographer and may not be used without their permission. Almost before you know it, we’ll have worked off (or walked off) that Thanksgiving dinner, and it will be time to get to the Chicago Botanic Garden for the Holiday Lights Photo Workshop. Seems that most students are eager to get to class and hurry under the portico without a single photographic thought. The Esplanade with its lighted rows of Commendation Elms leading to The Great Tree is also of interest.

Filed Under: Uncategorized About JackA classically trained musician since childhood, Jack Carlson always had the “ear” of an artist.
The portfolio of this certified photographer reveals images that emphasize mood and composition. More than that, the book will stir your creativity and inspire you to spend more time focusing on these animals you admire.
In this three hour class, you will learn basic techniques for getting consistent, positive results photographing equines.
Painted Hills Publishing will pursue damages under Federal Copyright Law for any unauthorized uses of images or site content. What fun we had last year on two Goldilocks evenings (not too hot, not too cold, but just right) that were perfect for a photo shoot. We’ll meet in the Design Studio and begin by defining and discussing camera controls and terms.

Carol will work with you on focal length, best angles to shoot, and tricks for getting those pesky ears up.
This year promises to be even better since the workshops will be separated by photographic knowledge and experience, tanks to the welcome suggestion of last year’s students. Once everyone becomes familiar with camera controls we’ll practice focusing the camera manually, then combine camera and tripod and proceed to use that newly-acquired knowledge to capture images from the decorated parts of The Garden. The class will be hands-on, working with equine models with halter, under saddle and liberty situations and she will also show you some examples of her work with horses.

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