At MEDI, we understand the importance of this shift in healthcare management, and we offer physician leadership training services that can help physicians build the critical leadership skills necessary to be successful. Physicians need to develop leadership qualities to lead staff into the new realm of healthcare. Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and Midwife involvement is crucial to the success of the IHealth initiative to ensure quality outcomes. The Physician Accountability Group (PAG) is the body that governs Physician-based decisions in relation to the IHealth initiative as outlined in the IHealth Governance Structure.
IHealth Physician Leads provide physician leadership within focused cross-continuum streams of the IHealth initiative. Organizational ConsultingMany healthcare organizations recognize the need for effective physician leadership development as an organizational priority. While healthcare organizations across the country may share this strategic priority, their unique cultures make the template a€?solutionsa€™ offered by most consulting firms unappealing. CPL works with your organization in engaging your physician leaders and assuring their success. We can help your organization develop or improve your own internal Physician Leadership strategy. Customized Physician Leadership Training ProgramsWhile healthcare organizations may share similar challenges, CPLa€™s experience leads us to conclude that the diversity of healthcare culture dictates the need for customized solutions.
We have identified core leadership competencies that need to be mastered, a core curriculum of didactic and experiential learning tools to assure their mastery, and ongoing support programs to sustain their mastery. Customized Physician Coaching ProgramsLeadership programs that offer new information and suggestions for improvement often fall short of providing sustainable and measurable improvement in effective leadership skills. Moving through the four stages of adult learning (seea€¦a€¦) can be difficult and frustrating.
The goal of 1:1 coaching is to provide an intensive, completely individualized support program for physician leaders, one that helps them accelerate their skill development and make sustainable behavioral change.
Follow-up coaching for the physician participants is an effective way to ensure that the leadership teachings are not only understood, but applied by each individual in their own unique setting. Phase 2: Action Planning a€“ where the coach and coachee translate everything theya€™ve learned into actionable items. Phase 3: Implementation a€“ where the coach and coachee meet regularly by phone or video conference and focus on the key development areas defined in each physician leadera€™s Action Plan. CPL offers a variety of solutions for those interested in providing their physicians with educational workshops on physician leadership topics.

We understand that physicians and executives dona€™t have time for abstract, a€?softa€? discussions.
Our Brief Workshops are typically a half-day (3 hours), with an overview of physician leadership concepts delivered in a didactic, engaging environment.
Our Intensive Workshops are typically one or two days, and target small groups of Physician Leaders (8-12 participants), who come to the table with very specific issues they would like to address. Our goal for the Intensive Workshops is for each Physician Leader to walk away with a specific, individualized plan that they are confident to begin implementing in their hospital immediately.
Please call or email for a complimentary consultation to discuss your organization's leadership training needs and how we can help. Physician Skill SetPhysicians don't always see that the skills making them successful in the OR, emergency room, or cath lab can actually get in their way when they work together in groups. Dealing With Conflict Some physicians would be excellent leaders if they learned to deal with conflict. Physician BurnoutPhysician burnout is a huge issue: Over 10% of 12,000 primary care physicians recently surveyed planned to leave health care within one to three years. Psychological Stress Physicians are under enormous psychological stress with revenue uncertainty, regulatory burden, and a new culture where they're part of a rapidly changing organization. With changes in healthcare and the way it will be provided in the future, more and more physician leaders are making the decisions that have been made by non-clinical leaders in the pasta€”and more and more hospitals and physicians groups are looking for strong physician leadership to guide their organizations into tomorrow's healthcare environment. Island Health is fortunate to have the expertise and commitment of many physician partners on an island-wide basis.
PAG membership is comprised of medical leaders from Island Health and strategic leadership partners.
Unlike other leadership programs that offer templates or a€?off the shelfa€? solutions, CPL uses our core knowledge base and works with your organization to develop customized physician leadership programs that assure success for your organization and its culture.
We have seasoned executive coaches who understand the leadership challenges that physicians face, and have the tools to help them succeed in the new environment. Workshops are highly tailored for the participants and their particular leadership challenges. We specialize in working with physicians and executives to close the gap between rigorous demands of a changing healthcare system and the traditional, more autonomous medical paradigm. Our physician leadership training is hands-on and practical, with concrete skills your leaders can immediately use. Effective physician leaders bring vision and interpersonal skills to meld divergent views and strong opinions into a unified approach.

Our experience has shown us that, although healthcare systems face similar challenges, their unique cultures require customized solutions. I can't speak highly enough of Fred's business talent, integrity, and insight, as well as work and service ethic. Yet, according to Gallup and others, the level of employee engagement has improved very little over the last 15 years.
They become the guiding force required to lead their physician colleagues in embracing the organization’s critical imperatives of optimal patient care and cost containment. Mary-Lyn Fyfe, the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) and reports to the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC). Our services include educational workshops, training and coaching programs, and organizational consulting. Our didactic experiential learning approach, combined with follow up coaching, gives your physician leaders the skills needed to be effective in their roles. Healthcare administrators and clinicians really are trying to ‘redesign the aircraft while it is flying,’ only they have to do it while caring for a planeload of very sick passengers. Engaging healthcare workers in the process of transformation is understandably a challenge, but there is a way to score some quick wins.One strategy of engagement and leadership training that often is overlooked is identifying and developing the key influencers who possess some natural leadership qualities. These natural leaders exert a form of leadership that affects attitudes, engagement, morale, openness to new ideas, a culture of high connection and caring as well as the ability to leverage all of the creativity that exists in a work area.
They are individuals who bring energy, commitment, and genuine enthusiasm to their daily tasks.Why do we call them “natural” leaders? Once you identify them, share your vision, ask for their help, and demonstrate your trust and confidence by investing in their development.Natural influencers can become highly effective leaders through education and training that helps them see their own natural abilities and gives them the opportunity to learn and collaborate with like-minded colleagues.
And, to turn the flying aircraft metaphor on its head, practicing engagement and developing leadership skills is done best with applied learning through real-life improvement projects.
Mo has spoken on healthcare leadership topics to hundreds of physician and C-Suite audiences. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It should come as no surprise that many of these challenges are directly related to physician engagement or rather, the lack of it.

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