This is an extensive resource for new playwrights and any audience members keen to see new writing, whether in its very early stages or its first production. How are you going to move people to laugh, cry, argue, protest, celebrate and act?How are you going to make your play resonate in the world today? No West End new writing winners (Jerusalem, One Man Two Guvnors, Constellations etc etc) are first drafts of a first play that miraculously arrive on a producer's desk to be pronounced the work of a theatrical genius.
Scratch events, which see artists sharing work-in-development with audiences and using their immediate feedback to shape their work.
Rapid Write Response, a monthly event where writers are invited to write and submit short responses to current full-length 503 productions. A Writers' Programme, which has ten weekly workshops to teach aspiring writers (aged 18-25) how to develop ideas, structure scenes and write dialogue.
Writers Bloc, an informal community of writers, directors and actors who collaborate together to bring new writing to life in an informal and constructive environment. OVNV Lab, which provides its chosen ones with a space to rehearse, write, devise, or meet so that ideas can be generated, work showcased and partnerships nurtured. The National Studio, which is a resource for a wide range of artists working in British theatre, providing an environment in which writers and other practitioners can explore, experiment and devise, free from the pressure of public performance.
Open Access Workshops, three-hour sessions that are held monthly and led in-house by Soho's artistic team and guest practitioners. Masterclass, intensive weekend sessions throughout the year to explore complex areas in the playwriting process. The Clinic, intensive weekend-long workshops that combine exercises and group sessions to stimulate ideas. Young Writers Programme, a 12 week Introduction to Playwrighting group for young writers (18-25) that runs three times a year. Rough Cuts, the Court's biannual season of work-in-progress, with experimental pieces, readings and shorts. The Big Room, which offers bespoke developmental opportunities to professional playwrights of exceptional talent across the UK. The Sussex Playwrights' Club, which provides opportunities to showcase your play, explore a work-in-progress, or listen to and discuss members' plays, with monthly Sunday meetings held at the New Venture Theatre.
Playwright Support, a programme which offers an invaluable network of contacts and access to like-minded people, informing playwrights of up-coming events and opportunities.
Young Writers Programme, which is a year-long programme working alongside experienced practitioners.
Participate, an evening where four companies each produce short 10-15 minute performances that respond to one or more of the week's news stories.
So You Want To Be A Writer, a weekly course which is led by experienced playwrights and leads to a showcase of short plays.
Online course, which has two leading theatre practitioners teach the art of playwriting, an exclusive video of award-winning writers, and which means you join a community of aspiring playwrights. Introduction to Playwriting, which gives writers a sound understanding of the key elements of playwriting through practical exercises and discussions.
A Young Writers' Course, which sees playwright Alan Harris nurture and mentor young people aged 15-23 years old, helping them turn their ideas into scripts that are then performed by Sherman Cymru Youth Theatre. An Advanced Writers' Programme, where writers on a six month attachment with the theatre are provided with intensive workshops and individual mentoring sessions.
Words, Words, Words, where writers submit work for the stage that's up to ten minutes long. Old Vic New Voices' London's Community Company Writers on Attachment: OVNV wants five bold new voices to work closely with its Community Company, developing new scripts with and for them, and working closely with professional writers to learn more about the craft. Theatre 503 Five: this is an 18-month residency with Theatre503, during which the chosen playwrights are offered mentorship, culminating with a first draft submission of a brand new play (at least one of which will be taken to full production). Soho Six: six writers are commissioned and in residency for a six month period to work on a new play for the Soho's stage.

503 New Writing Award: a new biennial national prize to honour an emerging, unproduced writer, guaranteeing them a production as part of Theatre503's main programme. Papatango New Writing Prize: this guarantees its winner a development week with Bristol Old Vic, a four-week run at London's Finborough Theatre, and publication by Nick Hern Books.
The Barry Reckford Bursary: a new playwriting bursary that is open to BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) writers resident in the UK. Whether you're a budding writer or a theatrical enthusiast, there's a whole heap of new playwriting events, festivals and spaces to see or get involved with. Playwright Presents, which sees an established playwright presenting a rehearsed reading of a new play by a young, undiscovered playwright that they personally mentor and champion. LabFest, a once yearly festival of new full length plays the theatre wishes to showcase and develop towards full production.
503 Futures, a 2 week celebration of new voices, with staged plays, readings, discussions and workshops. Young Writers' Festival, which invites writers aged 25 and under to submit a full-length play. Ideas Fund Edinburgh, which sees Ideas Tap work with Underbelly and performing arts partners to take a season of Ideas Tap members' best work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. International Playwriting Festival, which showcases the best plays entered and up to 40 actors, directors and authors on 29 - 30 June 2013. New York Acting School faculty - Professional teachers and instructors, Acting Classes & Courses. The Acting Studio - New York's staff of instructors are all master teachers with many years of active and on-going professional experience in both the industry and in education.
James Price (Intro To Meisner, Meisner Technique 1 & 2, Scene Study) is the founding Artistic Director of The Acting Studio - New York and Chelsea Repertory Company. Bruce studied with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York, and later returned to the Playhouse to teach on the acting faculty.
John Grabowski (Associate Director, Monologue Workshop, Directing Workshop, Performance Workshop ) is the resident director of Chelsea Repertory Company at The Acting Studio - New York where he is also a teacher.
He also directs staged readings of new plays at The Acting Studio and other NY theatre companies and is currently head of Chelsea Rep LAB.
Halfway into their 10-week Introduction to Meisner class I was hooked and seriously thinking about acting as a career. James Price is a gifted artist, teacher, and human being whose mission in life is sharing his authority and love of acting with each and every one of his students.
James Price is a teacher in the truest sense of the word, and, by being his student, my life (acting and otherwise) has been permanently changed for the better. I walked away from the Studio’s Performance Workshop feeling confident and capable as a professional actor. Anne teaches composition, creative writing, and literature at Franklin Pierce University as an Assistant Professor of English. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses in fiction, poetry, drama, and composition, Anne has extensive experience working with ESL students.
Anne tutors students in admission essays, academic writing, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and playwriting.
The Bush Theatre in London has a superb library in its cafe that - for the very worthwhile price of a cup of tea or bowl of soup - you can peruse at your leisure.Put your own work on.
You'll hone your own sense of the kind of plays you like, the writers you want to emulate, and what you think works in live performance.Go to see work put on in the new writing venues where you want to submit your scripts.
Into the subject for your play and the type of characters you're writing but also into the different opportunities there are available for you as a budding writer. Your scene will ultimately be performed by Lyric Young Company members and directed by a professional. Focusing on aspects of the craft of playwriting, they are open to writers of all ages and experience.

Designed for writers who are ready for focussed writing and collaborative support, the programme supports them over a twelve month period. These allow writers to work with a director and actors for 2-3 days and put the work-in-progress in front of an audience. The aim of each group is to develop each writer's craft, through discussion, debate, reading and workshopping. The literary department selects a short play each month and publishes it online, inviting readers across the UK and further afield to read the script and offer constructive feedback. Eliot Exchange: a twenty-play, two-year long, transatlantic commissioning scheme as part of a future OVNV season of short plays. Two are chosen to receive full productions at the Royal Court, while a number more are showcased as rehearsed readings. Price has also taught acting at Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and has worked as actor, director, teacher, and producer in regional, Off-Off Broadway, stock and college theatres. Over the last twenty five years he has performed over eighty acting roles and directed some fifty plays.
He has also directed numerous workshop and lab productions for Chelsea Rep LAB and other off-off Broadway New York companies.
I finished their full acting program one year ago and am still involved with The Acting Studio community, still working, learning, and growing. His attention and perception are uncanny, and I will never forget him or the time that I spent in his classroom. James Price and John Grabowski are amazing teachers who are dedicated and meticulous, and who provide honest, in-depth critiques of our work. Outside of the classroom, Anne has privately tutored high school, college, and graduate students in subjects ranging from writing to math. The better you understand what they're looking for, the better you can choose where to channel your energy.
The more people who know about your script-writing ambitions, and the more pro-active you are, the more opportunities that will (seemingly unaccountably) fall in your lap.
Theatres run a huge number of events for both the uninitiated and the experienced, many of which are outlined below. Price majored in theatre at Indiana University and worked as a professional AEA actor before attending and graduating from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater, to where he later returned as a member of the teaching staff under the tutelage of Mr. A task-master with 49 years of experience, he continues to actively train and practice with his fellow Studio associates in conjunction with Chelsea Repertory Company where he actively produces, acts and directs.
He recently directed the premier of two original plays, FIG.1 and MUD NOSTALGIA, at the Prague Fringe Festival, Czech Republic, also touring in Hungary. She also directs the Writing Center at the University, working with student and faculty tutors and training new tutors.
Below you can find information on most the major new writing resources around the UK and in London.
In 2005, he received The Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and in 2013, the Texas Tech University Award for Professing Excellence.
Prior to Franklin Pierce, Anne played a similar, dual role of Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director at Carthage College. He has twice been invited by Rose Bruford College of the Performing Arts in London to teach at the Stanislavski Center as a guest artist.

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