I ate healthy, until I took my niece out for her birthday and we ended up at Pizza Ranch for dinner.
I then attended an emotional visitation of a family friend who passed away earlier in the week.
I wanted to throw in the towel. But I had already taken positive steps forward for two days. When my alarm sounded this morning, I jumped out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and hopped on the spin bike.
By janet You all know that I struggle with my weight and I make promise after promise to myself (and to you all) that I am going to get on track and post regularly about it. I know that weight loss and being healthy is about an overall lifestyle change, but there are so many excuses to be given and so many {perceived} obstacles that exist.
When you have a community of support and a feeling of accountability {others to commiserate with} then embarking on a new lifestyle is less daunting.

Alli has created a website of support, encouragement, tools and resources, as well as accountability that can help us make the lifestyle changes that we need to make. I love seeing tips and tricks to fighting fat, exercising more, making healthy meals seem more exciting. Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma was all smiles when he walked the red carpet of the Hello Hall of Fame awards ceremony on Monday (April 11) evening.
Rahul Sharma, who received the Entrepreneur of the Year award, also admitted that his marriage to Asin had resulted in many changes in his own lifestyle. Maybe it was a good thing I was already stuffed, because I probably would have come home afterward and partaken in an emotional eating frenzy. It combines three core elements for the weight conscious specifically this season: diet, physical activity and motivation. I am not good about exercise and I'm very dormant so there is no way that I could jump into a fast paced exercise routine.

There is just nothing better than learning from a real person, with the same struggles, what they are experiencing. You'll find this is a place to Live fully, Laugh often & Linger longer as we journey through each day. I can tell the website this and my routine would be less strenuous to begin with as compared to someone who is normally active, but trying to lose a few extra pounds. I am learning how to have fun with my family through Family Fun activities, Crazy Crafts for Kids, and more! I'm also sharing my family's story of weight loss and my own story of depression and anxiety.

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