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At least three people in two states apparently bought tickets with the Powerball winning numbers from this week's jackpot, one of the largest in history.
Sue Dooley, senior drawing manager production coordinator for the Multi-State Lottery Association, said last night that three tickets matched the digits. Lottery officials in the Garden State confirmed that two of the three tickets were sold in New Jersey. The allure of capturing the massive Powerball jackpot had players in a buying frenzy, further confirming a trend that officials say has become the big ticket norm. Fatigued Powerball players, increasingly blase about "smaller" payouts, often don't get into the game until the jackpot offers big bucks. During Wednesday night's telecast, Powerball announced the jackpot that previously in the day was pegged at $425 million had grown to an estimated $448 million.
A recent game change intended to build excitement about the lottery increased the frequency of huge jackpots, the record being $590 million won this year (below).
Lottery officials released the winning numbers for the largest multistate Powerball jackpot: 22, 10,13,14, 52 and the Powerball number is 11.

One winning ticket was sold in Zephyrhills, Florida, according to David Bishop, deputy secretary of Florida lottery.
Hate to break it to you, but you stand a better chance of walking onto the golf course and hitting two consecutive holes in one than winning the jackpot. At a convenience store in Riverside, Missouri, Jim Mansell said he was only buying one ticket.
We will assume that the drawing of the winning balls is held to the highest standard, and the probability of any ball being chosen is equal. According to Wikipedia: Two identical machines are used for each drawing, randomly selected from four machines. Your odds of winning are 1:175,223,509 (or the chances of you winning are 1 in 175,223,510). For an explanation of how these numbers are calculated, see the excellent write-up on Durango Bill's Web page. What's your opinion on playing the lottery?  If you've played, what was your strategy for picking numbers, and what's the most you've won?
The same person (stat prof actually) who shared that "tip" would also poll for people who had played the lottery that week. I've seen one self-proclaimed lottery expert insist till he's blue in the face that you should never pick your numbers using a 'quick pick' - because they are less likely to win..! But Quentin has already hit on the only real reason a quick pick isn't necessarily your best option - because it could well spit out a combination of commonly picked numbers.

The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS. It marks the largest in Powerball history, surpassing a $587.6 million jackpot split by winners in Arizona and Missouri in November.
If all the numbers you pick match the ones drawn, you win the lottery jackpot.  The order of the numbers is not important.
The balls used for the Powerball drawing are changed if they show enough wear to warrant the change. The SAS table below shows the odds (and probability) of winning over the years, as the number of white and red balls has changed. The SAS Learning Post is where you'll find tutorials, tips and practical information to help you become a better SAS user. There are actually four sets of balls of each color (4 red, 4 white) and the sets used for a particular drawing are randomly chosen before the drawing occurs. The balls are only used for Powerball and they are weighed and X-rayed on a periodic schedule.
The balls are always locked in a vault with the drawing machines and are only used under the supervision of an independent auditor.

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