Through a series of interactive activities in a relaxed informal setting we are able to provide you with constructive feedback and support, helping you to deliver your presentations with significantly more impact.
If you are new to making presentations or you are looking to take your existing presentation skills to the next level, this course is for you.
If you have an important presentation coming up and can't wait for our next course let us know and we can organise a one day, or half day, one to one, session. This Presentations Skills course is designed to help you deliver your presentations with confidence and the right techniques. Create a more impressive presentation using some of the more advanced features of PowerPoint. The Effective Communication Skills Training Course is a one day course which provides managers and team leaders with a range of skills to help them communicate effectively. Martin Woodfield's SEO training course at M-Training is a fantastic insightful opportunity for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of Search Engines and how to attract certain target audiences. Lovely to meet you on Friday and thanks for a really informative day training on Google Analytics. For someone like me, with a website and a desire to make it work harder for the business, the course was just what I needed.
A great course [Effective Time Management] with tangible steps to improve and encourage the candidate to evaluate themselves and be honest. Our trainer was excellent and was able to discuss issues outside the course content effectively which really demonstrated a deep level of knowledge and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO course I took last week and I am confident that I now have the understanding and basic principles search engine optimisation and google. Just wanted to say thanks for last week, it [private email marketing course] was really helpful and it helped me focus more on what I needed in order for both myself and my business to move forward.
An excellent course [Presentation Skills], which introduced a whole new side of presenting to me. Martin Woodfield’s 2 day Digital Marketing course was extremely insightful and the course content was very interesting and completely relevant.
Thanks for all the info yesterday it was a very good course and we both feel we have learnt a great deal from you. As a company we now can focus on the segments we were going wrong on social media and the course has been a huge help. The course provided a lot of information which was un-known to our company in regards to the use of social media. I feel more confident in using Twitter in particular now, as I had only really dabbled in the past. We have now put together a plan of what content we wish to post from our team and also a plan of when to post it. Having had very limited experience using Google Analytics, the course guided by Martin presented both a fantastic resource and unquestionable tuition, enabling our company to now gather and interpret a range of data allowing us to understand consumer behaviour and make strategic decisions as a result.
Myself and my colleagues attended your PowerPoint 2010 training course on Tuesday 1 March 2016.
I recently attended MTraining's SEO Course and I left feeling confident that I can now go and improve upon my website. Martin was a great teacher, explaining everything clearly and applying everything back to my business and making it very easy to understand. Having something explained in an interesting and engaging way for me is the first key to understanding it – and Martin certainly does this. The session is hands on and the group numbers low, so it is easy to ask questions and take the time to check that you are actually getting it!
You also go offsite for lunch which gives you a great break and you had a chance to chat more about best practice for implementing it within your business. Thank you so much for Wednesday – I found the course absolutely fascinating and it is already impacting how I write for web.
We have gained a much more detailed knowledge of Google Analytics and how it can be used strategically within the business. I recently attended a 2 Day, M Training, Digital Marketing course in Manchester instructed by Martin Woodfield and was amazed not only by how much information one man knows about this area but how good at helping me (with very little experience) understand it all and leave the course confident enough to use what I have leaned to improve our marketing. I found that only having 5 students max on a course a real plus, as you can engage properly with Martin and the other students. I attended the Google Analytics course last week and I have to say I learnt more in one day than I did on my Analytics module as part of a degree!
The course is perfectly pitched in terms of it's weighting to all the relevant topics, and the time scheduling for the day works really well. M Training provide a very thorough, easy to understand course which covers all major key marketing concepts and SEO practices.
If you are looking for a high quality, well delivered training solution then I would definitely recommend investing in a course with Martin. The SEO training course with M Training provided me with an in-depth insight to the digital side of marketing. I was able to gain a greater understanding of what SEO is and how it is imperative to any marketing plan.
This module covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises which prepare the participants for their ultimate presentation.

With so many street sellers about, and therefore huge amounts of competition between them for customers, and such a short window to get that first opening right, I would imagine that the more successful ones are the ones who can at-a-glance work out which language to use on their approach. I have come across some great examples of companies who use System One recruitment processes. Disney famously recruit people based on their attitude rather than their aptitude and, once hired, involve them at every stage in company decisions to make their customer experience even better.
Some companies post problems they are trying to solve in their recruitment pages and invite submissions of possible solutions. WHAT IS THE DESIRE CODE?: The Desire Codeis a set of principles, derived from the latest research and understanding of human behaviour, psychology, preferences and decision making, collated together in a useable format to challenge you to make your behaviour change services more desirable, impactful and engaging for your service users.
WHO IS IT FOR?: This workshop is suitable for anyone involved in the design and delivery of services for health improvement, education, sport and leisure, where user engagement is paramount. BOOK QUICKLY: Places are limited and will be allocated an a first-come-first-served basis, so book in advance to secure your place(s). We recently launched our brand new training programme after we were asked to share the secrets of how we give such great presentations.
Delegates on this one-day course will take the first steps towards actively looking forward to giving career-defining presentations which engage, inform and entertain their audiences. Back to basics unpicking the purpose of presentations and the principles of giving and receiving information, considering the kinds of presentations delegates may be asked to do and exploring why it’s important to them to be able to present well. Delegates learn about the structure of presentations, timing and the mechanisms used to convey meaningful information to an audience. Delegates learn techniques they can personalise and use to help them identify and manage presentation anxiety. Questions pose an additional source of anxiety because they appear to be out of the control of the presenter. My musings about the instinctive decisions made by Paris street sellers reminded me of a great book about System One and System Two processes by Malcolm Gladwell called Blink. Blink delves into the world of instinctive judgements and decision making with some fantastic examples of it in operation. It describes how it is possible to predict with high accuracy which doctors in the USA are likely to be sued by patients during their career just by listening to a short recording of a single consultation they make, a recording in fact which has been clipped to remove the context so all you can hear is the tone and the pattern of their speech! People were able to accurately predict which teachers would enjoy the greatest success rates by watching a video clip of them tecahing that lasts just a couple of seconds.
Company Directors, Executive Manager, Senior Managers, Front Line Managers, Sales teams and customer facing staff. Trevor not only is an insightful and gifted communicator, but he has a special ability to read people and get to the core of what is holding them back. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. The focus of the course is to help delegates deliver presentations in a more relaxed, confident and professional manner. Delegates are taken through a series of syndicate sessions which will develop insight and understanding of the sales process. You made it really easy to understand how to use Google Analytics and take the information it provides to improve our website performance.
This course was really useful to show how to use Digital Marketing channels and how with the help of Google Analytics and SEO you can run manage and monitor digital campaigns. I’ll be in touch in a month or so to set up another day in September but I’m already working on the Google Analytics – fascinating. With the new skills that Martin has taught me I able to make positive changes to my website and progress my online business. Having known very little going into the course, I am now confident in the use of the basics of Google Analytics thanks to the practical workshop linked directly to my organisation.
It could be quite an overwhelming subject but Martin managed to keep the content concise and relevant.
The pace of the course and the content were all pitched perfect for my needs and I have gained lots of many needed skills, especially as API Group are in the process of developing their new website.
I would highly recommend the course to people looking to develop their digital marketing strategies and for those looking to cover different areas in depth in just two days. I was surprised that there were so many more features of social media platforms that I wasn’t aware of and would benefit me in a work related setting and at home. We all enjoyed the course and found it very useful, Martin Woodfield our trainer covered everything we had discussed beforehand.
For someone who has done very little with SEO before the course, he was very understanding and explained everything in great detail. Martin had tailored the course to our needs and provided a wealth of personalised valuable industry information. I arrived knowing virtually nothing about SEO, but by the end of the day I felt ready to not only improve our own SEO, but also offer a professional SEO service to our clients.
The small focus group style training was excellent as I was able to work on my own website and company analytics throughout the course. The main purpose as a presenter is to deliver a message which creates an impact on the audience.
La Basilique du Sacre Coeur, Monmartre, L'Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Trocadero, Notre Dame, La Louvre and of course La Tour Eiffel.

Ask a seller (I didn't) how they knew we were British and I expect they may struggle to put it into words.
The subconscious (System One) is a supercomputer and it processes information from our senses, is responsible for our emotions and instincts.
From the moment an individual decides to make a change, through the development of new habits and the abandonment of old ones, to surviving the triggers and emotional pitfalls that can trip them up. Interestingly, something they all have in common is that they use emotional language to advertise their posts and to sell their organisations, to attract System One people. How amazing would that be to ask the public how they would solve some of our biggest problems? Delegates will learn about the use of images, and tips on getting the most impact from text.
This section explores the kinds of questions delegates may get and how to handle difficult questions. After recently sharing the platform with Trevor and listening to his coaching and tips to improve one’s speaking skills, I have to say I was extremely impressed. I watched him mesmerise an audience of 1,000 people, but more importantly, I also watched him mesmerise me!
It was great to have a one-to-one course as it allowed me to ask questions and only cover what was relevant to me rather than going over things I already knew.
The small class sizes mean that you can put the theory to your real life business scenarios. Martin has been a real find and we will be definitely using his services again in the future.
We left with a great understanding of how to apply the principles and techniques behind Analytics. On top of the course itself Martin’s background and experience in marketing meant we were able to discuss a number of potential issues and design improvements to our website. I came away buzzing with ideas on how we could apply this newly acquired knowledge to our business. Martin was very knowledgeable and approachable, and I found his advice to be well informed. Martin Woodfield was an excellent trainer and I will recommend this course to any of our colleagues looking for PowerPoint training in the future.
If you've ever been to Paris you'll know that you only need to get within sight of the Eiffel Tower and you find yourself approached by street sellers, weighed down with armfuls of Eiffel Tower keyrings, magnets and other souvenirs.
The conscious mind (System Two) is a logical processor which works with rational arguments, understands numbers and interprets words. OK, that's kind of a given, but isn't it nice to read it in that kind of friendly language. System One people, for whom health improvement is a pre-occupation, probably work more hours than they should, because they love it. If audience members can read slides for themselves, it’s harder for the presenter to get them to listen.
The course content was completely relevant and I certainly learnt some tips and tricks to improve my digital campaigns. He tailored the course to suit my needs, and I will definitely be putting the things he suggested into practice. We all feel that we all learnt a lot from the day, that will enable us to improve the way we use PointPoint in the future. Those who can create better rapport with their clients and who have better people skills are the ones that service users seek out when they need support.
My question is how can we better align the hiring process to identify the System One types, the creative people people, who are so passionate about what they do, who breathe and live what they promote and yet who may otherwise fall through the System Two hiring process.
This makes things difficult for the presenter – and any nervousness or lack of confidence can become an issue.
I will also be signing up for other courses offered and I will send my team on the digital marketing course to improve their skills too.
This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery.
The Paris sellers' snap judgement on our nationality will have been made subconsciously, rapidly, using System One. I only realised because I overheard a seller speaking other languages to other tourists afterwards. To ask them to explain how they knew would have required them to describe their instinctive understanding, a System One thing, into System Two words. Most recruitment processes however, are System Two processes, assessing System Two qualifications, System Two CVs, questions about System Two factors such as how many people and how big a budget they have managed. Candidates are evaluated and compared in System Two scoring and then the final decision has to be justified in writing, System Two words.

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