NurScope™ helps nurses and students accurately link nursing assessment to NANDA International nursing diagnoses. NurScope™ was developed by nurses, resulting in features and content optimized for use by clinicians, educators and students.
NurScope™ provides three content access points – or pathways – which have powerful clinical reasoning and time-saving features.
The integrated Multimedia Learning Library provides related resources, e.g, the Morse Fall Scale, with results linked directly to associated defining characteristics.
Differential and possible co-occurring nursing diagnoses are provided, enabling review and cross-check to validate final diagnosis. Potential risk nursing diagnoses are automatically presented and highlighted so that high-risk patient safety issues are identified and prioritized.

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Document your clinical reasoning process by emailing a summary of your work to your professor. Standardized assessment tools, such as the Morse Fall Scale, are integrated into the e-tool and easily accessed. The e-tool’s emailed summary provides data to evaluate student proficiency in nursing assessment, diagnosis and clinical reasoning. The e-tool demonstrates how to link assessment data to relevant nursing diagnoses, and identify any additional data needed.

All pathways lead to detailed nursing diagnoses, however choosing a specific pathway helps customize use of the e-tool to meet priority information needs. Videos provide information on nursing diagnosis, the process of assessment to diagnosis, and Frequently Asked Questions.
NurScope™ is easily deployed in a variety of educational settings, including classroom demonstration, small group case study, simulation lab scenarios and clinical assignments.
Integrated standardized scales and tips for diagnosis differentiation help confirm diagnostic decisions.

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