Since the inception of the loyalty program, hotels and airlines have worked together.  The relationship has always been more that the hotels just providing you points in the airline program if you stay with them.
As of the 1st of March, Delta & Starwood are coming together to create “Crossover Rewards”. What is the Heavenly Bed?  In 1999 Westin (part of the Starwood Hotel Group) launched the Heavenly Bed range and then a year later became the first hotel company ever to sell that signature line. The greatest joint ever in airline and hotel industry on the planet, keep soaring because the sky was the limit before but now we have it!
I’m not even sure if my own bedding is as comfortable, but kudos to Delta for raising the comfort bar for other airlines! Beginning with the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA), corridors have been designated in Federal transportation legislation as high priority corridors on the National Highway System (NHS) for inclusion in the NHS as specific routes or general corridors. As noted below funding was not provided in the current (FAST) multiyear surface transportation authorization, however earlier authorizations (ISTEA, TEA-21, and SAFETEA-LU) either directly or indirectly provided funding for these corridors. Section 1105(f) of ISTEA authorized funding for fiscal years 1992 through 1997 for some specific high priority corridor segments, and Section 1105(h) authorized some additional funding for high priority corridor feasibility and design studies. Section 1602 of TEA-21 authorized funding for fiscal years 1998 through 2003 for some specific high priority corridor segments. Section 1105(e) of the ISTEA, as amended, designates all or portions of 19 high priority corridors as future parts of the Interstate system and authorizes the Secretary to add segments of the corridors to the Interstate System when certain criteria are met. Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJohann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German poet, playwright, novelist, and natural philosopher is best known for his two-part poetic drama Faust, (1808-1832) which he started around the age of twenty three and didn't finish till shortly before his death sixty years later. With a passion for aircraft photography, traveling and the fun that combining the two can bring. Mal is an Australian native who has been a huge fan of airlines and aviation and currently works in airport-related operations. The only criterion for being a Congressionally designated High Priority Corridor is that it is what Congress designates. NHS, STP and Bridge Program funds authorized by ISTEA may be used to fund improvements to high priority corridors. Also, formula funds for the NHS, STP, Bridge Program, and in certain instances, Interstate Maintenance authorized by TEA-21 were used to fund improvements to high priority corridors.

For example, formula funds for the NHS, STP, Bridge Program, the Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program and in certain instances, Interstate Maintenance may be used to fund improvements to high priority corridors. Insights into the aviation world with a bit of a perspective thanks to working in the travel industry. Subsequent legislation added additional corridors and by the end of 2015, there were over 88 such corridors (including corridors that are subsumed or partly subsumed in other high priority corridors.) Some of the corridors are entirely within a single State such as Urban Highway Corridor along M-59 in Michigan or the Birmingham, Alabama Northern Beltline. In certain instances, Interstate Maintenance funds authorized by ISTEA may be used to fund improvements to some high priority corridor routes. In addition, beginning in FY 1999, the planning and development of high priority corridors was eligible for funding under the discretionary National Corridor Planning and Development Program. Also, some projects specifically identified under section 1301 (Projects of Regional and National Significance), 1302 (National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement program) and 1701 (High Priority Projects program) will support improvements to these corridors.
However, he managed a grasp of Greek, Latin, French, and Italian by the age of eight, and his mother taught him well in the art of story-telling. In Section 1304(d) of SAFETEA-LU, the following phrase appears, "There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out, in accordance with title 23, United States Code, projects on corridors identified in section 1105(c) of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (101 Stat. At the age of sixteen, in 1765, Goethe went to Leipzig University to study law as his father wished, though he also gained much recognition from the Rococo poems and lyric he wrote during this period.
Some corridors are along highways that are already essentially completed and carrying traffic such as Economic Lifeline Corridor along I-15 and I-40 in California, Arizona, and Nevada.
In 1766 he fell in love with Anne Catharina Schoenkopf (1746-1810) and wrote his joyfully exuberant collection of poems Annette.In 1768 Goethe wrote his Leipzig Songbook (1768)--ten poems to melodies composed by Bernhard Theodor Breitkopf--while he was convalescing from a severe lung infection. Other corridors are generally along the path of anticipated future highways such as the corridor from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, to the Lower Rio Grande Valley between Texas and Mexico. Nurse Susanne Katharina von Klettenberg, a relative of his mother's, introduced him to protestant piety and pansophic-alchemistic works in the neo-platonic tradition.In 1770 Goethe continued his law studies in Strasbourg as well as attending lectures in history, political science, anatomy, surgery, and chemistry. Finally, some of these corridors are described in detail in legislation, such as the the Dalton Highway from Deadhorse, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska. He met daily with philosopher, poet, and theologian Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) avant-gardist of the Sturm und Drang movement.
Others are broadly defined such as the Everett-Tacoma FAST [Freight Action Strategy for Everett-Seattle-Tacoma] Corridor in Washington State and some corridors are defined by reference to other legislation such as the Georgia Developmental Highway System Corridors identified in section 32-4-22 of the Official Code of Georgia, Annotated.

He returned to Frankfurt where he began to practice law, though he was much more absorbed with writing GA?A¶tz von Berlichingen (1773), a story of a 16th century robber baron, representing Goethe's youthful protest against the established order and his desire for intellectual freedom.
It attained cult status and is a good example of the Sturm und Drang literary movement's intense respect for human emotion.
Goethe received many admirers from Europe's nobility, Princes Karl August and Konstantin von Sachsen-Weimar among them. That same year he was invited to the court of Duke Karl August at Weimar, where he remained for the majority of the rest of his life producing melodramas, operettas, and plays including Erwin und Elmire. Ein Schauspiel mit Gesang, for entertaining the court.In 1776 Goethe was granted Weimar citizenship and appointed Geheimer Legationsrat with a seat and vote in the state's highest office, thus with a secured income. After being appointed Head of the Commission for War and Road Construction he took a second trip to Switzerland in the company of Duke Karl August. Goethe wrote his first version of Iphigenie, a play published later in 1787 as Ipigenie auf Tauris which is based on Greek mythology.In 1781 Goethe was conducting mineralogical studies and lectures about human anatomy at the Liberal School of Drawing in Weimar.
Around this time he moved to a house at the "Frauenplan" in Weimar which remained his home until his demise. As part of his on-going studies in anatomy, in the year 1784, Goethe discovered the human intermaxillary bone.In 1786, he travelled to Italy and was impressed by Greek and Roman sculpture, architecture, and literature. His journey to Venice in 1790 was where he wrote Venetianischen Epigramme and his play Torquato Tasso about the Italian poet Torquato Tasso (1544-95).Goethe's aesthetic theory was partially influenced by his friend Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), of whose journal Die Horen (1795-1797) he contributed articles to. During a congress of monarchs in Erfurt in 1808, Goethe met with Napoleon Bonaparte, an avid reader of his works. Faust Part I was published in 1808, Goethe's masterpiece of the courtly-mannered persona of Mephistopheles striking a deal with God (based on the same legend as Christopher Marlowe's Dr.
Faustus).In 1831 Goethe brought Faust to an end, sealing the manuscript and ordering it to be published only after his death. In honour of these two famous German men of letters, a statue of Goethe and Schiller now stands at the German National Theatre in Munich.

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