This is a self assembly card model kit requiring glue, craft knife, steel rule and other optional items to cut, build and complete. Creative Skills - Provide open-ended opportunities where the process is more important than the product; how children use materials is much more important than what they make with them. Problem Solving Skills Training DVD Problem Solving for the Workplace DVD also covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys & brainstorming techniques. Business Industrial Network makes no manner of an endorsement, representation or warranty regarding any contents located on this site. In solving a problem similar, or close, to another problem solved in the past, we will surely follow a linear process as shown in figure 1. However this linear process may not be enough when solving a genuine and challenging problem [11].
One of the difficulties in problem solving is the fact that several steps are needed to solve a given problem.

A few examples include deciding how to build a boat that will float, how to make use of colors .
Prompting your child to think creatively in order to solve problems or engage in make-believe helps them express their creativity and build self-esteem.
The term linear is used to mean that the learner goes from one phase to another until the problem is solved. It is a possible that we carry out the plan but it does not give the right answer or it does not even work.
In addition, children can build math skills such as comparing size (big versus small), counting and one-to-one correspondence (matching numbers to objects), timing (does water or oil move faster?), matching (same sizes and shapes), and sorting and classifying (buttons, beans or rice), and science skills such as cause and effect (what happens when I add water to sand?), gravity (water slides down a funnel, not up) and states of matter (ice melts). This Problem Solving Skills Training Video DVD also covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys & brainstorming techniques. We therefore need to look back critically at the formulation of the problem as well as the information given in the problem.

Without realizing it, children grow into amateur scientists by making predictions and observations, and even develop analysis skills. Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.
The learner need to understand that in solving a problem he needs to look back and reexamine the whole problem during the problem solving process and be ready to restart again if necessary.

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