Global chewing gum growth is being stunted by the economic downturn and declining numbers of children and teenagers, says Leatherhead.
The global chewing gum market was valued at $26bn in 2012, according the Leatherhead figures, up 14% from 2008.
However, Jonathan Thomas, primary market analyst at Leatherhead, said value in developed markets was likely to decrease.
The market has been hit hard by the global economic downturn and lower consumer spending, he said, but also declining numbers of a key target group – children and teenagers. For these reasons, the developed world will continue to see its share of global market value decrease, he said. Thomas said leading suppliers have attempted to address the economic downturn through innovation, such as developing new flavors and formats.

Sugar-free gum now accounts for 75% of the global market, he said, accounting for the vast majority of sales in many European markets.
The US is the largest producer of gum with an output of an estimated 145,000 tons in 2012, Leatherhead figures show. Despite this production levels remain relatively high in European countries like France, the UK and Russia. But weather does not let builders, engineers and architects off the legal hook.  They are supposed to consider soil conditions and how that soil might expand and contract during dry and wet weather conditions in designing and building the foundations of homes and other buildings.
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However, growth has now started to moderate, following static or falling consumption levels in certain parts of the world – examples include the more developed markets of Western Europe and North America,” Thomas said in Leatherhead’s monthly confectionery analysis report.

Brazil comes in second with 125,000 tons followed by Mexico at 92,000 tons and China with 65,000 tons.
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