Master your non-verbal communication skills because recognizing them can make or break your ability to advance in your career.
Though the study of human behavior is a challenging area to be precise in, what we can conclude is the importance of identifying and understanding the types of non-verbal communication in the workplace.
Knowing how individuals on your team express non-verbal cues of comprehension or agitation will help you overcome barriers. It is clear that within the chain outlined above, there are many chances to misinterpret or completely miss a “non-verbal signal”. In MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab, Sandy Pentland, PhD determined the value of face-to-face conversation. He recognizes that valuable sources of connections and new information is available online but sharing unofficial knowledge (such as employees explaining how they really feel about a problem) often means speaking directly to one another. Understanding the unique and varying ways people communicate non-verbally will increase your ability to recognize issues before they are vocally expressed. Knowing the non-verbal cues that indicate trust can help you be more successful in establishing good relations with customers and fellow employees.
Having the technology in place that allows you to stay connected to your team and customers both over the phone and through videoconferencing will help you be more innovative and productive.

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Implementing higher person-to-person interaction between employees in a German Bank, MIT labs, and an IT consulting firm lead to higher productivity. Communication has allowed us the means to share knowledge, spread ideas and record thousands of years of history. Furthermore, face-to-face verbal communication is inherently important to any type of organization. This is an easy communication solution that most organizations can implement; it is proven to have a positive effect on productivity and can affect the sense of community people have at work.
Albert Mehrabian’s “Silent Messages”, several studies confirm that only 7% of messages are conveyed through words, 55% through non-verbal elements, and 38% from certain vocal elements.
Interaction with people has an important role in the transmission of information that makes individuals productive.

Together, improvements on these two areas alone can lead to numerous gains for the organization as a whole. Understanding how people express various forms of non-verbal communication will help you overcome challenges in the workplace and recognize growth opportunities. If you have a large office or are on the go, technology should be in place that enables you to move from a phone conversation to a video call, seamlessly. Making sure your office has the infrastructure in place that enables collaboration and open communication is essential. Pentland’s studies extend to cell phone usage patterns for entire cities; he concludes that communities with frequent phone calls (from inside and outside the area) had a higher per-capita gross domestic product and Gini coefficients.
Those who communicate well, not only get the job done, but they are more innovative and connected to the overall problem at hand.

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