Kelly Shon finished in a tie for third place at the ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer.
About the IJGTThe International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) provides domestic and international junior golfers national exposure in competitive tournaments at top venues around the world, preparing them for future success in golf and in life. One way to spot a good youth sports coach is that he teaches, models, and demands respectful behavior, fairness and good sportsmanship. Moreover, every coach indicated that they talked with their players about the importance of being a good sport, three out of four saying they did so frequently.
The winning-is-everything philosophy of youth sports is a major reason why children are thought to have such low moral reasoning abilities: in an environment in which winning is paramount,  children internalize the value that it is acceptable to do anything to win, even if it means cheating, bullying teammates, breaking the rules, intentionally injuring an opponent, or faking an injury to get a time out. As a society we would not find it acceptable if teachers encouraged their students to cheat on tests.

A recent study revealed that there is a high probability on most youth sports teams that one or more of the lesser skilled players will be bullied or teased by a more skilled teammate. Unfortunately, some coaches have not been modeling appropriate behavior in their behavior towards officials: more than four in ten admitted in a 2005 study that they had yelled angrily at an official (the athletes said almost half their coaches yelled).
Good coaches are alert to the possibility of bullying and proactively seek ways to reduce it.
As a junior, Shon competed in an IJGT event in 2006 on the Pines Course at Seaview finishing in a tie for eighth place. Existing programs to teach athletes moral ethics and to help coaches to teach moral ethics should be expanded and instituted in every community to teach decision-making, sportsmanship, competitive integrity, inspiring through leadership, justice and competitive responsibility.
Similarly, a good coach teaches and models respect for the opposing team and game officials.

Shon finished the tournament at 5-under and collected her best finish in an LPGA event during her rookie year on tour.
The programs should include such topics as leadership, fair play, teamwork, respecting opposing players, cheating, consequences, and off-the-field behavior. Pressel had the lead going into the final round, but after a 2-over 73, she settled for a respectful third-place finish.

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