Teams must be registered no later than 2 weeks before the season starts with at least 4 people PAID IN FULL at least a week before the season begins. MAJOR ARENA SOCCER LEAGUE ANNOUNCED; PASL AND FORMER MISL TEAMS COMBINE TO CREATE NEW SUPER LEAGUE. The new league will feature the top professional indoor teams from the United States and Mexico. Team schedules and the Major Arena Soccer League playoff format will be released at the beginning of September.

The Major Arena Soccer League has also named its officers with Ed Hale from the Baltimore Blast as Chairman of the Board and Kevin Milliken is the Commissioner of the League.
Several exciting elements will be released in mid-June, such as the new league logo, rules, the list of divisions and other key components that will shape the future of the sport of indoor soccer.
In the meantime, a new head coach will be announced next week and registration for MKE Wave Summer Soccer Camp continues! Nikki Krzysik (L) and Carli Lloyd unveil the Chicago Red Stripes team uniforms during a fashion show to unveil the new uniforms for the Women's Professional Soccer League February 24, 2009 in New York City, New York.

Over 30 camps in 25 locations and instructed by the pros you see on field and in our community.

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