This is the full, completely online White Belt course offering the student an overview and introduction to Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology. Once we process your payment we will provide you with your personal online training account.
The ideal choicefor your training.Our instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and can help with all of your technology training and consulting needs.
ExperienceMike has a diverse background in civil engineering, construction, sustainable design, and urban infill development.

With this Belt you will be able to begin your journey toward the professional competencies of the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. We have won the "Best of St Paul award in training and development consultant," four times.
His extensive experience includes strategic planning, site selection, financial modeling, market analysis, financing, economic incentives, governmental approvals, development management, vendor selection, contract negotiation, LEED certification, and overall project performance.
After obtaining this first level belt, you can become a qualified team member of a Green Belt or Black Belt project.

In addition, Mike consulted on projects nationally and internationally as a sustainable development expert. He assisted in writing the guidelines for LEED New Construction, Core & Shell, Commercial Interiors and Existing Buildings and in developing the LEED Accredited Professional Test and the Green Advantage Test for builders and contractors.

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