Good communication plays a big part in successfully achieving your project goals and keeping things running smoothly from project start to finish. The extended project team represents team members who occasionally work on the project, while spending the majority of their time on their full-time position. Management stakeholders make key decisions about the project, so they need to know what’s going on at a high level.
External audiences, such as vendors, suppliers, and partners, can be very involved in your project, but you probably provide as much detail to them as you as do internal audiences. For example, your customer and the management team want to know about things like finish dates, financial measures, and issues they have to help resolve, whereas core team members need to know information that helps them complete their assigned tasks. Project publicity:As project manager, you want to build and maintain enthusiasm and commitment for your project. Project execution and control: You have to provide people with information about day-to-day procedures, such as work plans, reporting time and expenses, team building, escalating issues, and so on.
Project status: People need to know the project status, what’s on deck, and issues and risks that could impact progress. General information: You might also distribute more generic information about your project to external audiences, for example, producing press releases. The detail that people need to know depends on how involved they are in your project and the impact that info could have on their work. The final step: You need to determine the best methods for getting information to your audiences and how often to send it.
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We've updated our terms and conditions (now called terms of service).Go Review and accept our updated terms of service. Two essential plans of construction project management are communication plan and the risk management plan, these are sub component of project management plan and composed of group of processes. Risk Management Plan is another essential component of the project management plan, designed to deal with possible risks of the project and preventing issues that may result to negative or bad effect.
To access more Templates, Forms, Flowcharts and Sample Data , go here:  Step-By-Step Guide, Forms and Templates.
When you’re about to complete your construction project management plan, these two sub component of your plan plays an important role in the over all outcome and result of your project.
I am a Certified Project Manager (PMP) and a Registered Civil Engineer, Author, Creator of CPMPro and I have been in the construction industry for almost 14 years.
Construction Project Management Pro is all about helping project managers and construction related professionals worldwide to achieve success in managing the construction project, the first company to release a comprehensive and complete tools, guide, templates and documents on the web. Develop a project communication plan so you can get the right information to the right people at the right time.
And the project will run more smoothly with management support. Management stakeholders can include customers, the project sponsor, a steering committee, the change management board, functional managers, and so on. Some external audiences may have interest in your project and simply need to be kept informed at a high level.
In your communication plan, set up a communication information list that describes the types of information that are distributed. Publicizing a project might include announcements in the company newsletter, meetings to convey the project purpose and benefits, or celebrations upon completion of significant milestones.

Keep in mind that status reports vary depending on the audience: management teams want status mostly at a high level, whereas core team members want status related to their work. The goal is to give people just enough detail: too little could negatively affect their work and too much could make them lose interest.
In the matrix, you match types of information with audiences, and also specify the communication method and frequency. It involves a system on how to address information for stakeholder that answers what form of communication, when, and how frequent should it be done .This document is often created during the second step in managing construction projects.
In return, it specifies steps on how to come up with positive results or good effects by establishing plans in the first place before any problems might occur.
Always remember, the Best project manager spend 90% of his time in communication and that’s why communication plan is very important.
In addition, other groups inside and outside of your organization often need or want information about your project.
Keep in mind that the project sponsor and the project customer may want different information delivered in different ways and on different schedules than other audiences. You might email weekly reports to most audiences, but hold a status meeting with management once a week.

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