Why and to whom is a Project Management course of value? With all the changes happening in so many companies, project management is on huge value for those individuals having to implement these changes. Project Management skills can empower and assist you with the skills required in order to complete projects on time, within budget and to project specification. The discipline of Project Management provides proven strategies for clarifying a project’s objectives, avoiding errors of omission and eliminating costly mistakes. Project Management is a universally beneficial skill to have and can be used across a multitude of industries and in every organisation or business. This course focuses on the basics of Project Management and embraces the standards and best practices as contained in the other international standards. Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) is a non partisan independent Management training and development institution. The requisite skills and important for correct implementation of policy which will ultimately matter in the Social and Economic growth of Economies and the reduction of poverty and empowerment of people.
Earlier, project management was primarily confined to a few industries such as construction, aerospace or defense and was not considered essential in other industries. The project management policy aims at improving the performance of a business or an organization.
Project management is a full-time profession in the modern days and is no longer considered to be a part-time occupation. Once you get certified in project management policy, you are sure to be valued highly by the organization you are working for and would certainly be eligible for a better pay owing to your specialized skills.
We recommend you to do some research before selecting a training provider so as to ensure that program you choose cater to your needs. ICD Training is a well-renowned name for best project management courses and we offer complete online project manager classes so that you acquire basic management skills, global management skills and much more. Your hunt for best project management course ends here as we offer tailored management short courses to suffice the needs of a specific type of industry. The Certificate Program in Project Management consists of 68 hours of classroom teaching, and encompasses eight and a half days of training. The Project Management Professional (PMP certification) is a must-have for any serious project manager. Firm Course Dates: All of our PMP exam prep courses are 100% guaranteed to run on the dates listed.
Full Money-Back Pass Guarantee: We provide a true 100% money-back pass guarantee, with no fine print. Free Post-Class Tutoring and Support: Most PMP training providers don't provide any post-class support, or worse, they say they do and then let you down. Training Materials Available Upon Registration: Our live classroom PMP training is second to none, but we also believe you should never leave class empty-handed. Outstanding Course Materials: Our PMP course materials are the most comprehensive and highest quality PMP exam prep training materials in the industry. You must attend the entire project management certification course and complete three full-length practice exams from our online training portal. If you do not pass the PMP exam in three attempts, we will refund your entire course tuition, provided that all attempts occurred within 120 calendar days of completing the course.
All we ask in return is that you study hard and take full advantage of the extensive PMP exam prep study aids we provide.
You will also receive a print version of the PMP training materials (course binder) and 6-months access to our online training portal.

PMI, PMBOK, PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
Managing an on-going project is a complex and multifaceted endeavour in which you will need to bring several different skillsets to bear. Whether you’re leading a long-term research project or rolling out a new product, managing a team and keeping them on track under tight deadlines and resource constraints is no easy feat. Upon completion of your Project Management course, you will be awarded the CBE Certification in Project Management. MIT OpenCourseWare is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum.
The course relies on a basic project management framework in which the project life-cycle is broken into organizing, planning, monitoring, controlling and learning from old and current construction projects. MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. Your use of the MIT OpenCourseWare site and materials is subject to our Creative Commons License and other terms of use. The project management process is then used as change management, allowing for smooth inter-department management.
It also addresses the necessary people skills required in order to acquire support, boost morale and identifying resources in order to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Project Managers find success using a structured approach to project planning, scheduling, resourcing, decision-making, and control. It will provide you with a generic methodology (tools, techniques, and processes) to facilitate successful project delivery.
ICD was founded on the need to continuously capacitate the skills of decision makers in Government, Parastatals, NGOs, the Private sector, CBOs and all other development based institutions.
All ICD programs take cognizance of the dynamic nature of different fields and hence the need to come up with contemporary solutions to problems using current methodologies. Subsequently, the project manager courses available in those days were not designed keeping in view the needs of a specific type of industry.
It is a discipline that is the outcome of the combination of human skills, tools and technical skills.
Nevertheless, the best project management course offered by us is equally beneficial to the firms whose employees undergo management training since they would have far better control on their projects and the company would definitely develop improved customer relations. On the completion of the course, you are required to take an exam, which would qualify you to obtain a management certification.
PMP certified Project Managers on average earn over 20% more than those without the certification. Everything from resource management to time management to progress reporting to detailed planning must come together smoothly under your direction.
We offer a lean, research-driven course that focuses on the key concepts relevant to bringing a project through to completion.
We’ve boiled down the process to the universal essentials that will help anyone in this position achieve their goals. This greatly enhances and accelerates your acquisition of skills and is a key part of our programme. This certification proves to employers and colleagues that you have not only learned the skills taught in our programme, but that you understand how to apply them to real world situations.
If you aren’t happy for any reason at all, you can request a refund on the first day of the course.

Within the framework, students learn the methodologies and tools necessary for each aspect of the process as well as the theories upon which these are built. With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. Information Technology Skills and the Application of Computers are mainstreamed in almost all ICD programs.
We encourage the companies to engage in our best project management course since it is vital to survive in the cut-throat competitiveness in the industry and so it becomes imperative to meet the changing needs of the customers.
We offer some university level and other project manager classes to teach the skills needed in the workplace.
In addition, their project delivery quality would be raised which in turn would draw more customers and hence profits for the company. The Certificate in Project Management from Stony Brook University offers participants specific courses designed to expand their skills and knowledge, providing a significant career edge.
While other providers often postpone courses due to low enrollment, we promise to never do that. If you don’t have a handle on any one aspect of the project management process, the entire endeavour may be undermined. Our certification programme for Project Management is meant to prove that you’ve grasped the core concepts relating the business of effective Project Management and are ready to apply it to whichever organisation you work with. For example your company wants to expand to new line of products or you are a construction company and you have new staff who have been involved with projects or the industry but don’t have the project management experience.What is a good project Manager?An individual who can get stuff done, on their own or in a team. Nonetheless, the necessity for management is also due to the fact that it makes the organization’s process more efficient to match the changes in the global market. We make sure that the managers and the employees, who participate actively in our management courses, learn the techniques which are utterly useful in improving their skills.
The practical courses offered enable each Project Manager to acquire and hone industry wide best-practices in all areas of their profession.
License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA For more information about using these materials and the Creative Commons license, see our Terms of Use. Someone who can work with a team of people who report to a manager in another department.Who should attend?Associate Project Managers, Project Managers, Project administrators, Project engineer, project accountant, Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Project Leaders, Senior Project Managers, Team Leaders, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Sponsors, and other Project Team Members.
The managers of the companies who are keen to take our best project management courses would be taught the basics of management and how to improve specific skills such as risk management, cost estimation and scheduling.
This coursetightly focuses on the process of taking your project from the planning to execution phases and everything in between. They would also be benefitted through gaining knowledge by acquiring knowledge on leadership and human resource management. This course shows you how to overcome setbacks, adapt your plans to changes in timeline or resources, and teaches you the essentials of delegating work to your team.
Armed with this primer, you will be acquainted with every possible issue you might face while steering your project to success.

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