Banking, finance and financial services project management jobs covers job titles across the programme and project management industry including programme managers, project managers, PMO, project analysts and support.
Arras People have worked with banking and finance organisations across the UK - both large and small. Finance and banking project management jobs are often subject to strict reference and security checking.
Arras People's experiences with banking and finance organisations has been diverse and wide ranging. Santander, the banking and finance group, were specifically looking for a Project Accountant to join the project management team within the London headquarters. Barclays, the high street banking organisation, approached Arras People for a business change recruitment campaign.
Facilities management project management jobs covers job titles across the programme and project management industry including programme managers, project managers, project leaders, stage managers, project controllers and project support. Arras People have worked with facilities management organisations across the UK - both large and small. Management of refurbishments, relocations and moves across multiple sectors and varying degrees of scale and budgets.
Arras People’s experiences with facilities management organisations has been diverse and wide ranging. Norbert Dentressangle, the haulage firm used Arras People for warehouse facilities project management resources on a permanent basis.
The Royal Veterinary College in London used Arras People's interim project management services to bring in an Interim Head of Development Services - a role specifically needed to maintain a quality service for building maintenance and minor works development and to take the lead on the strategic development of the development services.

Arras People have worked with manufacturing organisations across the UK - both large and small.
Some manufacturing project management jobs specifically require project management staff with previous experience within the sector - specifically with experience in certain products but not all requirements are that specific. Arras People's experiences with manufacturing organisations has been diverse and wide ranging. British Sugar, the leading supplier of sugar to the UK market, approached Arras People because of the focus on project management and specifically because of our manufacturing project managers. TRADA are the Timber Research and Development Association, and their project management requirements included managers who could drive forward research and information projects. At the top of the resume, she gives a brief but precise job goal in her Job Objective statement.
Paula adds strength to her recent short-term jobs by grouping them together under the title of Contractual Secretarial Positions. Grouping the recent jobs together also allows her to list the things she did at any or all of those jobs so that they don’t need to be said over and over again. Although her title at Baskin-Robbins was Secretary, Paula lists the projects she managed, and shows her skill in “wearing two hats” at the same job. Looking for a number of different levels of positions from programme managers to project managers and business analysts, business change experience was key. An experienced project management engineer responsible for the conceptual design and delivery of new distribution centres or processing facilities throughout the UK. The role reported to the Director of Estates and took an active part in the strategic and operational management of the Estate.

Project management jobs have included managing new products, overseas outsourcing, business process re-engineering and new ventures.
The Project Manager works closely with the management team and incorporates all areas of Project Management, including budget management and resourcing, to ensure that projects run on an efficient commercial basis. To win a job interview, she needs to address both of these skills (administrative and project management) in her resume. This helps the employer know what Paula is qualified for and helps her to be considered for the types of jobs she wants.
By stating this, she tells the reader that she likes to learn new skills and keep up with tools and trends in her field.
Arras People focuses on specialist roles within programme and project management, contact us today for more information.
A manufacturing project manager with experience of not only manufacturing systems but also I.T and business change. No matter how complicated a requirement may seem, Arras People can translate it to the UK project management marketplace, sometimes it's just a matter of sector terminology or how a role may be advertised.

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