Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and can involve a couple of stakeholders and a few tasks, or hundreds of people, across a long period with a multitude of actions and desired outcomes. Manage and update the task list daily, weekly or monthly – depending on what is most appropriate for your project. Empower a Project Manager who is responsible for maintaining the action matrix and its updates. Stick to your deadlines, and if a deadline is unfortunately going to be missed and extended – update all stakeholders and be transparent about this. Project Management PlanSince the Project Plan is the primary deliverable of this Planning phase, I am going to provide some details of the Plan here and provide a template to assist you in its composition.The Project Plan will begin with an Executive Summary describing the overall project, its purpose, when it was approved, by whom, and the overall objective.
Remember, developing an accurate, agreed-to Cost Baseline and Project Schedule (Schedule Baseline), during Project Planning, will become the basis for you, the PM, to measure project performance during the execution stages of the project.
Project Work Breakdown & Project SchedulingFor the Project Planning phase, the WBS is important to ensure a decomposition of the work activities to the lowest level, the Work Package.

From this Project Planning page go to the Project Initiation page for more information on initiating the project to better complete the project planninga€¦. Go to the PM Body of Knowledge page for more information on the PMBOKA® and PRINCE2A® methodologies and processes. Go to the Project Management Tools & Resources page for more information on Planning resources and templates. In my opinion the definition of project management is simple – overseeing the successful implementation of a project from inception to completion. A no brainer really – but ensure all stakeholders are regularly updated and everyone knows and understands their roles. When executing a project – assuming suppliers, stakeholders and team members are clear on what they are doing and understand timelines is a mistake. Sometimes, companies may find it difficult to invest in new projects without analyzing the various options for generating returns and cost savings.

We help our clients in devising a strategy for generating returns after possible speculations and observations. However if team cohesion does exist it is up to you to take ownership of the execution – particularly if you are in the role of Project Manager.
Understanding that there will be bumps in the road to navigate will leave you well prepared for the challenge.

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