A great discussion about pursuing a project management role on the LinkedIn group recently spurred me to put together some more in-depth information for you today. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that many of you may not know about the many routes available to you for landing a project management job. Believe it or not, I have gone down all of these paths (each and every one) during my career at different companies. If you want to delve further into landing a project management job, I invite you to learn with me. You are coming from a technical or subject matter expert background, meaning you have experience and skill at the craft work. This path into project management is available in organizations of all sizes, usually starting out with small or medium-sized projects where you are comfortable with the domain knowledge. This is one of the most overlooked and in my opinion, undervalued disciplines and means of landing a project manager job if that’s what you are going for.
You will find most of these roles in large organizations, or with contract work on large projects. From one of these roles you can learn more about the projects you support and start your way towards project management. The benefit here is an organization who obviously values project management as a discipline, and has training programs and established career paths to help aspiring project managers grow in the discipline. You will likely start out with smaller projects or assisting more experienced project managers, and as you earn trust and a good reputation in the organization, you will be given your own projects and larger projects. Operations management was where I first started looking at project management as a formal discipline. In this role you have the budget and managerial authority to start new projects, for example internal process improvement or automation projects.

You are going to have opportunities (and be able to create your own opportunities) in organizations of all sizes.
How can you choose the most appropriate job title when wearing many ‘hats’ in your company? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Healthcare project management jobs covers job titles across the programme and project management industry including programme managers, project managers, PMO, project analysts and support. Arras People’s experiences with the NHS and other healthcare organisations has been diverse and wide ranging. Programme and Project Support - Planning, Document Management, Stakeholder Communications, Reporting and Control.
Arras People is a preferred supplier for programme and project management recruitment to the Department of Health, under the OGC Commercial Resources Framework (awarded 2009), contract and interim programme and project management professionals can be supplied using Arras People. BUPA, the private healthcare provider, approached Arras People to support them finding the right PMO resource to fit their Solvency II programme. When you target a specific company or industry you want to manage projects in, there are going to be different strategies for moving your way towards your desired role.
I also invite all of you to leave comments on this post with your additions to what I’ve missed and any specific questions you have.
These is a common path into project management, and I maintain that every project manager should have at least a foundational knowledge of the work being done by their teams.
Usually it starts with volunteering to lead projects alongside your lead technical work, and there may be many months or more before you may have an opportunity to transition to a project manager in title. The company may be tiny but if they are a subcontractor on a large government project for example, especially with Earned Value Management (EVM) requirements in place, you will find project controls roles.

I was the Operations Manager for a small start-up company, and realized much of what I did was project management. The private healthcare sector has seen an increase in capital investment in new hospitals, treatment centres, mobile units and new departments. Programme Office & Project Office - establishing CoE models and associated procedures and processes. Business Analyst, Project Controls, and Operations Management are disciplines with their own bodies of knowledge and career paths too. You can gain that base level of knowledge in other ways, but if you already have the experience you are set. Don’t let that bother you, many of my promotions have been a direct result of me doing that job without any raise or title change for 3-12 months. Aside from what I’ve already listed, there are also specialties in risk, configuration, and change management to consider. These are disciplines all by themselves, and you can spend your entire career in project controls very happy and fulfilled. You may become a sought-after expert with project planning architecture and tools like P6, Cobra, MS Project, etc. You can make a lot of progress on gaining experience this way when you learn and apply formal project management as a discipline to your work and the daily work of your teams.

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