Learn the project management cycle step by step with this professional development certificate in Project Management.
Experienced project managers will guide you through all aspects of the completion of a "virtual project".
Two short courses to get you up-to-speed quickly in managing your projects with MS Project.
Build a “virtual project” portfolio as you move through the courses – a great tool for illustrating your overall knowledge of project management. PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.
CAPTCHAPregunta para comprobar que es usted una persona real e impedir el envio automatizado de mensajes basura. A Project Management Professional is trained to design and execute plans for a project in a particular industry.
It is important for any organization to develop its most important asset, which is the workforce.
There are actually two kinds of project management: project planning and managing a project based on a plan. When all is said done, it’s important for all modern organizations to have a well-trained workforce.

Project Management Professional Series Interested in getting your Project Management Professional (PMP ®) certification? Project Management Professional – Preparation for Certification CIE 5017 Six 3 hour sessions (Three Mondays and three Wednesdays) and three 6 hour sessions (three Saturdays).
Offered in collaboration with the Project Management Institute (PMI), Orange County Chapter, Inc., the focus is the application of knowledge, and interpersonal skills along with the project management cycle.
This project begins in the first class of the Project Management certificate and goes through the final class.
Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. The person who works as a project manager will have the necessary skills, knowledge, techniques and tools to manage an endeavor and ensure that it fulfills its objectives. This professional will have the responsibility to organize the efforts required to achieve specific goals for a project.
Whether training is done on the job or in an outside environment, this will help each employee to better understand their job, work better as a unit to achieve goals and reach their full potential. In-house training will offer advantages such as providing more flexibility and spending less for overall costs.
A Project Management Professional requires certain skills to build a successful team and execute a particular project.

Upon completion of the final class, you will have a substantial portfolio that includes all aspects of your work managing the virtual project. As of such, project management job openings have now outnumbered the positions available for project managers. Project managers who want to become project management professional are required to complete an industry-specific program to earn PMP certification. Basically, this person will develop plans, define objectives and goals for each phase of the project and specify the execution required for timely delivery.
The project management training programs are designed to help companies accomplish these goals as all managers who have plans to become professionals are required to pass the PMP exam and earn their certification.
These skills include effective customer interaction, cross-cultural, negotiation and communication skills. Several certificate graduates report successfully using this portfolio to help them get project management jobs.

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