In part 1 of this series, we defined the P3MO as an acronym for “Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Office.” It’s based on the concept of a PMO (project management office)  elevated to cover project portfolio management as well as project and program management. Project management ensures the successful completion of initiatives and their associated deliverables within the time, scope and cost parameters agreed to by the end-users of the product, service or result. Program management provides overall leadership and vision to the project management process. Portfolio management aligns the portfolio of projects and other work with the objectives of the organization and ensures that the work delivers value to the business. One of the hot project management topics at the Congress was the P3MO (project, program, portfolio management office). A portfolio is all the projects for an organization created to meet their strategic business goals. A program is a group of related projects where doing them together provides some sort of benefit or efficiency. The program empowers and educates through multiple learning channels including direct team-based project experience, best practice discussion, adapting processes to fit every situation, lectures, exercises, graphics, homework, provided and tailored templates, and frequent presentations complete with multiple feedback channels.
The Project Management Advanced Certificate training program offers the option of a day-track or an evening-track. The Project Management Advanced Certificate Program - Day Track runs over 10-days for a total of 2-weeks, covering much of the same processes covered in our evening-track program. Both tracks allow teams an adequate amount of time to perform key project processes, including creating an integrated project presentation, which serves as both best practice templates and addresses one of the biggest challenges leaders face: motivating others to perform processes they are unfamiliar with.

Experienced professionals: technical and other subject matter experts, team leads, project leads, project and program managers, executives, operations managers, business analysts, staff, and those who wish to dramatically improve their project results and deepen their ability to deliver value through projects and operations. In part 2 we will discuss the relationship between the three components of the P3MO: project management, program management and portfolio management. The project manager manages stakeholder expectations and communication between all team members and stakeholders. I met and exchanged ideas with some of the top practitioners, researchers, consultants and authors in the project management industry.
The benefits realized from a sound and well-organized project management methodology based on globally recognized project management standards have been well established. This could be all the projects for an entire company or all the projects for a division or business in a large corporation. The program should have a clearly defined charter indicating the strategic goals that the stakeholders are trying to meet and the planned solution (projects) to meet those goals. Most people think of a project as producing something tangible, however the deliverable of a project could simple be an answer to a question. Edward's University Professional Education's Project Management Advanced Certificate will enable your people to manage more and higher complexity projects with less time, effort, and conflict. A good way to think about the portfolio is all the projects under a PMO umbrella where a corporate could have a PMO for each business area.
The specific deliverables of each project would be defined when each project starts and should align with the strategic goals of the program.

Every attendee brings back real-world, proven templates and processes to apply immediately on the job.
Organizations that make full use of the power of a project-focused environment gain a competitive advantage over those organizations that do not leverage this power.
The portfolio level will handle, among other things, governance around the project life cycle, standards, a document repository, and a project portfolio tool. The program is usually long (think years) and the level of integration can differ greatly between projects and companies. How operational work differs is that it is defined by approved procedures and is not a temporary undertaking.
They also gain a competitive advantage over those organizations that publish an “official” project management standard but make little or no attempt to implement it or to make it a part of organizational policy. At my most recent client, a global life insurance company doing business on three continents, my colleagues and I recommended exactly this approach and delivered guidelines for achieving this.

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