The purpose of this website is to help you develop and improve your project management skills. This is where you can download all of my FREE project management templates, worksheets and other goodies.
Lean Six Sigma Methodology The Lean Six Sigma methodology is a popular approach for improving the performance of many organizations. Managing Project Scope The key to successfully completing a project is having a clear definition of its scope from the start. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) defines a set of generic processes for the management of IT. Project Management Documentation List - Free Templates and Checklists An essential part of any project is the written documentation that underpins its approval, communication and management. The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle Business is all about solving problems. PRINCE 2 – Projects in Controlled Environments PRINCE 2 is a project management method that has been used frequently within the UK, but also abroad.
We have over 50 free resources covering all aspects of personal productivity from managing your own workload to choosing the best software tools.
If you spend time seeking management or customer approvals for your projects, you know how messy and drawn out the process can be, as the decision makers request clarification on things like project deliverables, risks, resources, and financial payback.
For most projects, a one-page summary like the example below is preferred, since it pulls all critical project information into a concise and easily-reviewed document. For the above example, the project charter clearly states that the end-user feedback team will be focused on domestic, industrial products, leaving consumer and international products out of scope. Key deliverables state specifically what the project will deliver to the customer or organization. The project timeline shows the anticipated completion dates for the project’s milestones.
Depending on the project type, one or more financial justification metrics can be added to the project charter.
A well-thought-out project charter should speed up the approval process and save a great deal of follow-up work answering basic questions. In a recent discussion in a LinkedIn project management group, someone asked: “What 5 soft skills should a project manager have?” This kicked-off quite a discussion, which generated a lot more than five skills in the end. This is an essential soft skill because being able to put yourself in others people’s shoes and empathising with their perspective or their needs is vital to head off any issues before they lead to conflict. As project managers have to rely on people they don’t directly manage and who likely have multiple pieces of work that they are responsible for, negotiation skills are invaluable. I think this skill is pretty much a given; although it is amazing the number of project managers that don’t seem to possess it.
Without at least some grounding in the skills listed above, this would be an almost impossible task. About UsPsoda is a trusted solution provider, with a proven track record of adding value to organisations of all sizes.

Leaders in the space since the dawn of Cloud Computing, customers can be confident of robust and secure solutions. This chapter provides a set of role, skill, and experience norms for staff undertaking enterprise architecture work.
Their value derives from their ability to provide a means of rapidly identifying skill matches and gaps. Communication between recruiting organizations, consultancies, and employment agencies is very difficult. Generic Skills: - typically comprising leadership, teamworking, inter-personal skills, etc. Business Skills and Methods: - typically comprising business cases, business process, strategic planning, etc. Technical IT Skills: - typically comprising software engineering, security, data interchange, data management, etc. Legal Environment: - typically comprising data protection laws, contract law, procurement law, fraud, etc. The choice of which particular architecture views to develop is one of the key decisions that the IT architect has to make.
Validate, refine, and expand the model: verify assumptions, bring in subject matter experts, etc. Under certain circumstances, the complexity of a solution may require additional architects to support the architecture effort. The different categories of architects are described below, but as they are architects, they all perform the tasks described above. Any combination of foundation, systems, solutions, and customer architects may be utilized, as a team.
The Industry Architect has the responsibility for architectural design and documentation at an industry level.
The Organization Architect has the responsibility for architectural design and documentation of specific organizations.
An IT architect should possess an extensive technical breadth through experience in the IT industry.
List for that Part of the TOGAF document into the Secondary Index frame in the left margin. Downloads of the TOGAF documentation, are available under license from the TOGAF information web site.
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You’d be able to know what each person’s hot buttons are and use that intel to diffuse any tensions.
Learning and employing conflict resolution skills will help a project manager ease potential conflicts before they flare up, which can lead to a more peaceful project team.

For me, this relates not only how you communicate with your team, but how you work with your sponsors, project owners, stakeholders and other interested parties. If you aren’t able to manage multiple, and conflicting, tasks in a controlled manner then your project is very likely to fail. I think that together, they bring a rounding and humanity to what is traditionally a very difficult job.
Unfortunately, everyone cares about the numbers right now and nobody remembers that soft skills are the best tool to ensure project management success. We would like to republish yours on PM Hut - please either email me or contact us through the contact us form on the PM Hut site in case you're OK with this. They are also widely used by recruitment and search agencies to match candidates and roles. For truly effective team communication, project managers must be able to develop and employ solid listening techniques. Along with targeted communication courses, consider adding components of communication training to other educational offerings.
Empathy helps you understand what drives other parties involved in the project – be it the project owners, sponsor, BAs, or even programmers (Yes, they’re people too!). Of course a project manager will also want to get the best deal from the vendors involved in the project. It means acknowledging that each group of people needs different types of information and being able to understand and adapt your messages to those needs. You also need to understand the level of multitasking your team can handle and shield them from external distractions. I’ve seen a number of descriptions for a project manager but to me, the most fitting analogy is that of a conductor of an orchestra. One of these areas is communication, a vital skill for any team but one that is frequently discounted or ignored.
They also need to understand how their communication skills contribute to the team’s accomplishments, as well as how to use appropriate communication strategies to successfully resolve conflicts (both within the group and with external partners). But with all the other areas project managers must master, it’s easy to overlook communication skills as being less important than they really are.
Planning and risk management modules, with their strong attention to communicating well and accurately, may be good opportunities to provide team members with additional coaching in communication best practices. The project manager has to coerce, manage, negotiate and communicate with people that he or she does not directly manage but has to motivate to produce results – a bit like an orchestra playing a complex piece of music. By regularly nurturing and expanding this fundamental area of expertise, project teams have more tools available to them in overcoming challenges and working together to solve problems.

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