Why MindVisualizer's graphical mind mapping method is good for project planning and project management?
Keep information or files related to the project or tasks together, be it requirements analysis Word documents, budget spreadsheet, and so on. Mind maps are well-known for overviewing information, especially in MindVisualizer, the graphical mindmaps make defining project scopes, objectives, risks, roles, resources, etc, has never been easier!

Mindmapping is well-known for brainstorming and inspiration, the radiated structure of mindmaps and the visual cues of the nodes encourages creative thinking significantly, in project planning and project management this helps you get the task list out of your head easily.
Compared to a traditional outline a mindmap's radiated graphical structure is more natural in representing hierarchical information, this makes MindVisualizer a perfect tool for breaking down tasks into small pieces. Link or embed from nodes to files on disk,such as a Word document of project definition, an Excel book of budgets, and so on.

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