A seminar on Modelling Noise-Emissions Interdependencies and Recommendations on Evaluation Tools will be held 7 and 8 October 2008 in Kiev.
If you have any questions regarding this task, please contact Delia DIMITRIU [go to the contact form].
The full report of 'Tradeoffs Ad Hoc Task Group' was published on the '24 Month Periodic Activity Report of x3-Noise Project' ,on August 2008.
APB members are a network of biologists working at utilities throughout the West Coast of the United States.
In the late 1950’s, the concept for the Association of Power Biologists (APB) was originally conceived by George Eicher, who was the Chief Biologist with Portland General Electric Company at the time. In a letter dated August 6, 1959, George Eicher asked Zeke Madden (with Portland General Electric Company at Madras, OR) to assist in arranging a tour of the Pelton Round Butte Project on September 10, 1959 and Promontory Park and the North Fork Project on September 11, 1959. The 1959 tour of the Pelton Round Butte Project became the first annual meeting of the Association of Power Biologists.

Any expert willing to provide information is asked to contact Delia DIMITRIU (details below). The issues of Interdependencies  and Tradeoffs associated with operations are dealt with by the WP2, Tradeoffs Ad Hoc Task Group.
The main purpose of forming such an association was for biologists employed by power companies to discuss mutual problems and goals in the effort to aid their power-generating employers to produce electricity for the people of the Pacific Northwest in a manner that preserves biological resources. The proposed tour was for an audience of biologists employed by power companies within the Pacific Northwest. In addition to information gained and shared at the tour, several stimulating and enlightening discussions occurred at the first annual conference on topics related to power production, power delivery and biological resources.
APB membership was extended to utility biologists beyond the Pacific Northwest, and Norm Alstot (Southern California Edison) was inducted into APB. At the Fourth Annual APB Conference, the constitution was changed such that APB would meet annually, would include a project tour, papers would be presented by the members, and officer installments would occur at this time.

Eicher invited Wendell Smith (Idaho Power Company), Jack Hanel (Pacific Power & Light Company), Bernie Leman (Chelan County PUD), Roy Hamilton (Pacific Power & Light Company), Zeke Madden, and Tim Vaughan (Washington Water Power Company) to attend the tour.
Reports of this conference spread across the power production industry, interests grew, and an institution was formed. APB also voted and approved a change to the APB Constitution to allow membership to biologists employed by the U.S. Additionally, a forum for information sharing as it relates to balancing power production and natural resources was in such demand, Dr.

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