Project management is quite necessary to maximize the business productivity as with the help of effective project management, you can plan, monitor and control all your projects quickly and efficiently. Thus for the proper planning and execution of such projects, an effective project management is necessary on your part.
From the last few years, there has been seen a great increase in the popularity of project management and its tools in various sectors of trade and business. But if you are looking for free tools for project management, this article will surely prove to be a good guide to you. It is one of the best free open source desktop project management tool that works effectively with Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac. This is a web based project management tool which contains the feature of multi user and multi language application is organized by a volunteer community that is open for all. If you are looking for an app for coordinating your group activities and for sharing business data with others through internet, the PHProjekt is the right choice for you. This small and light-weight management tool is a great option for the users who want to work with different projects or tasks at a time. It is the latest addition in free management tools and includes almost all the project management tasks required from the conception to the completion of the project. This modern web-interface free tool helps you to collaborate on projects and to manage various tasks with your team members.
It is a free online management tool that helps you great to increase productivity and management of your entire team. It is a great self-hosted PHP app that manages all your projects and tasks with web interface. It is a cross platform and cross database open source management tool which is written using Ruby on Rail framework. Written by Ilya Elbert, he writes for several IT Support Jacksonville and Computer Repair Jacksonville national service organizations. If you find it difficult to manage your team and projects or find difficulty in keeping them at top productivity levels, then a project management tool is your best bet to see better results.
These tools keep your projects and team organized under one roof and on the same page as a project develops. Freedcamp is an effective project management tool that keeps your work and schedule organized at a single place.
Con(s): Despite this being a free tool, some of the nice features it has to offer are under premium upgrades. Taiga is an award-winning, open-source project management for agile development, designed to make work management flexible. Restya is home to the Restyaboard, an open source, self-hosted, kanban-type project management tool, which allows adding boards easily and features offline sync (an awesome feature). Bambam is an advanced task management tool that adapts to the various needs of different industries, with its customizable workflow and layout manager. Unlike other complex tools, AceProject doesn’t let you wrack your brain and helps you find the options easily in its simple, easy and intuitive user interface. Con(s): There is no management of product backlog like Taiga does, even though it is supposed to facilitate agile development. ProjectPlace is an all-in-one project management platform, which improves online collaboration and engagement among teams. Con(s): While it has the feature to screenshare with up to 100 members, Gantt charts as well as version control for your document management needs, these are only under the Enterprise (paid) plan.
Updatey is a simple and minimal project management platform with an elegant interface where all the options are easily accessible and you can view your project in the big picture to be aware of your goals and other important details. Con(s): Updatey does not come with role-based permission management and is not customizable for a more personalized appearance.
Con(s): There are limitations to the free plan as in only 100MB of free storage, and 5 allowed integrations. Comindwork is a premium cloud-based tool with integrated CRM, featuring time tracking, billing management, and customizable Gantt charts for better collaboration with team and co-workers. Con(s): Comindwork does not have a free plan but you can fill in a form to request a personalized demo for you to try out. Communication is the main challenge and the key success factor for remote project management. One formula of professional mind mapping : input data + output data + make great presentation, Business diagrams & Org Charts with ConceptDraw PRO, How To Show Project Progress Peport on Web, How To Implement Collaborative Project Management, How To Conduct Effective Team Briefings, Gantt Chart Software, Examples of Flowcharts, Org Charts and More, How To Use Collaboration Tool in Project Management, PROBLEM ANALYSIS. Collaborative Project Management via Skype is an ideal tool for project teams who need to master a growing project complexity. How To Use Collaboration Tool in Project Management, How To Use Enterprise Collaboration Software, Quality Project Management with Mind Maps, Organizing Your Ideas with MINDMAP & Evernote, Software development with ConceptDraw Products, Communication Tool for Remote Project Management, How To Hold Project Collaboration via Skype, How To Plan and Implement Projects Faster, How To Collaborate via Skype, Project — Assigning Resources. Collaboration tool for project management enables you to give a new role to knowledge management and document sharing within your team. This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw PROJECT software with the ability to clearly display the identified key performance indicators for any project. This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software, by making meeting preparation a quick and simple task.
This solution extends ConceptDraw Office 2.0 products with a single information space for messaging to teams. This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw Project software, allowing you to automatically create documents that reflect a project's status, for people who have different project roles.
ConceptDraw PROJECT is an effective tool for new and experienced users with a fine balance of usability and powerful functionality. Types of Flowchart - Overview, Pyramid Diagram, Software Work Flow Process in Project Management with Diagram, How to Report Task's Execution with Gantt Chart, Business Intelligence Dashboard Software, Gantt Chart Software, Visual Presentations Made Easy with Diagramming Software, Gantt chart examples, Building Drawing Software for Design Office Layout Plan.
This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PRO software, improving the efficiency of the project management process by using the same source data to build targeted presentations.

This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with the ability to organize project and company documentation and structure information that relates to your project.
The Project Management Triangle Diagram depicts three main constraints of any project: scope, time and cost.
Start project with creating a mind map, structuring ideas captured during a brainstorming session. There are a variety of project management tools available and on this page we'll have a look at a few of them but will concentrate on the ones most useful for your self build. If you are searching for project management tools then you will have come across everything from PERTs to Critical Path Analysis. The WBS technique takes the whole task (Building Your House!) and subdivides it into manageable sections of work. The example in the diagram shows the task divisions from breaking ground on a build to completing a watertight shell.
Simply, the tasks to be completed are identified and listed down the left hand column and blocks of time are shaded in the corresponding row to show the start date, finish date and the duration of each task. This example displays the construction phase tasks in the WBS above from breaking ground to a watertight shell. For a project management tool like the Gantt chart to work effectively it needs to be completed as accurately as possible at the planning stage. First off, identify all the tasks that need to be done to complete the build using the task list or WBS.
If you are familiar with house building then you may be able to enter durations for your tasks from past experience. The most accurate estimates will be obtained from the people who are doing the work, week in, week out. An accurate program represented in this way allows you to track when tasks need to occur and organise tradesmen, equipment and materials accordingly. The gantt chart clearly displays what should be happening on your project at any point in time. If the project has slipped there may be areas in the schedule that can be adjusted to pull it back later on. If you would like something a bit more sophisticated then have a look at project management software which takes the Gantt chart to the next level. Proper project planning plays a crucial role in the success of a business and it require great efforts to gain the desired outcomes out of your serious endeavors that you take for the growth of your business. A good project management needs some tools and techniques in order to control all the actions and to provide the desired results within required time and budget. Below are the best 10 free tools for effective project management and you can choose them according to your preference and requirements. It serves as an excellent alternative of Microsoft Project and can also open present native project files. The major features of dotProject tool include creating of tasks, projects, to-do-lists, Gantt charts and so on. Some of the key features of Gantt Project tool include Task hierarchy and dependencies, creating Gantt chart, PERT chart, HTML reports and PDF in addition to import or export of Microsoft projects and WebDev based group management. This free open source management tool is laced with various useful components such as group calendar, file management, mail client, contact manager, time card system and many more. It is a platform independent tool which is written in Java and helps you to manage various tasks by keeping exact record of all the activities done on each of the project or client.
It is equipped with components of scheduler, built-in resource balancer, and consistency checker and revenue planner and is an ideal choice for applying the modern management strategies. Its major features are task manager, email, calendar, elegant dashboard, effective communication and time recorder.
It helps you to organize and communicate with your team members effectively and offers you the flexibility of self hosting. The key features include multi tasking, flexible tracking, Gantt chart, file management, wiki and forums and so on.
These tools come from vendors like Deltek, Primavera, Microsoft, Computer Associates, PlanView, HP and many smaller vendors.Evaluating Project Management software is not about identifying the features and functions of the PM tools. To help you find the finest project and task management tool, we’ve compiled below a list of 10 project management services that offer essential features at zero or minimum cost. Some of these tools include time-tracking and invoicing tools, commenting systems and version controls, and intuitive interfaces to keep everyone on track to achieve their milestones. It houses unlimited users and projects, and offers 200 MB free storage for your project files and other team data.
Restya is heavily inspired on Trello and allows the importing of Trello’s data including boards, organizations, and members. The same data set can be displayed in different layouts for different viewers eg developers, designers, clients etc.
Plus, there is no free plan, only a 2-week free trial with no limits on the number of users. You can communicate in real-time and share media resources with your teammates on a single dashboard. You can also share snapshots with your teammates, and share the progress of the work to keep them up-to-date.
The paid version gives up to 20GB free storage and user rights management, but no Gantt Charts. Communicating visually via Skype you bring all team and customers onto the one page. Remote Presentation for Skype solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP helps communicate with remote team and customers in visual manner on wide range of issues.
The Workflow Diagrams are used to represent the transferring of data during the work process, to study and analysis the working processes, and to optimize a workflow.
After PERT chart was constructed user can discover the shortest possible duration for entire project timescale.

We separated all the graphic documents on application areas and had produced multiple solutions for each of them.
Projects have to comply with the specified scope, projects should be finished in time and projects need to consume the budget. DFD Library, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) with ConceptDraw PRO, Flow chart Example. It provides a structured way of working through the project to identify all the elements needed to pull it together. The timetable for a construction project is referred to as the project 'schedule' or 'programme of works'. Additional columns can be added for budget costs, actual costs and the resources required for each task.
Show prospective tradesmen your plans when you first meet and ask them to give you an idea of timescales along with their estimates. Be aware of special items such as beam and block floors and roof trusses which have manufacture lead times. With the help of this tool, you can create Gantt Charts, PERT charts, RBS charts and earned value costing etc. Not only this, it also contains quite useful apps of resource allocation, forum discussion and reporting. You can use it to manage your business team, wedding plans, school projects, travel plans and more. And it lets you list the issues that require enhancement and allows tasks management to accomplish each goal including its sub-tasks.
You can assign tasks, set milestones, prioritize work, and add filters to easily identify and manage the tasks among your teammates. The free plan gives you 250 MB free storage, 50 active tasks (if you deactivate the task, it doesn’t count to the total), 2 projects and 5 users only.
Moreover, you can manage workload, secure accounts with two-factor authentication, integrate using API’s, and do much more. You can also generate actionable workflows from team discussions and that doesn’t require filling additional forms or templates.
With HiTask, you can avoid the headache of completing large projects with benefits like email integration, import and export tool, media attachments, developer APIs, etc. Comindwork is a centralized program which keeps your work organized and allows early-bird view on project statuses.
Using this solution for regular status meetings allows you to push your team on tasks and keep task statuses up to date. The project timeline is the longest chain that might be taken with connected tasks on the PERT Diagram. This sample can be used in business process management, quality management, project management and program management. It allows to schedule a voluntary number of projects in a single Workspace document and lets easily share tasks and resources among them. ConceptDraw provides a wide variety of examples such as flowcharts, organizational charts, business charts, UML diagrams, database and ERD, directional map, network diagrams and lots more.
Each of the constraints represents one side of the triangle, and any change in budget or timing or scope affects the entire diagram. Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, procedures and information exchange. Warehouse Flowchart, Business diagrams & Org Charts with ConceptDraw PRO, Pyramid Diagram, Cross-Functional Flowchart, How To Create a Flow Chart in ConceptDraw, Material Requisition Flowchart. The Gantt chart provides a simple, visual representation of the project schedule, forming the basis for many project management software programs and adorning the walls of site offices the world over. If items are missed or an unrealistic schedule is set, the project will be destined for problems before it even gets underway. Self build books and magazines are a good source of info and may provide case studies from projects' similar to yours.
The foundation of our expertise is in project management software and project management processes. It’s also a big fan of the drag-and-drop movement which makes changes easier to make and reorganize. Each solution accommodates 10+ examples that shows specific application cases of a diagram.
The internet and discussion forums are also worth browsing and your architect or designer should be able to offer some advice. Many of the people in our company were involved in building the leading project management software tools.
At a project timeline can be independent tasks that not linked with main sequence they are called parallel tasks. Solution Browser is an application for downloading solutions with examples, templates and stencil libraries.
PERT diagram is more suitable for Critical Path Analysis than Gantt chart for the reason that it undoubtedly better determine task dependencies.
Please choose any examples you are interested in, alternatively download them for free; you will need to install ConceptDraw to view them. As you will see, ConceptDraw is very powerful, you can use more than 10000 symbols, examples, and many pre-drawn templates, to create your own spectacular flowcharts, business diagrams, network diagrams and lots more, effortlessly, and in no time at all.

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