In my opinion, AIG is the best Six sigma Training institute available today, for me it is no more an institute it has become my second home . Our Online Training Solutions program is a new five part online training series for Project Management, Project Controls, and Construction Management professionals. These 90 minutes classes are designed to flow together, building upon the skills obtained from previous classes, or may be taken individually. In this online class you will gain knowledge of identifying and quantifying your total project risk and exposure.
Here is a resume example for a career change to Project Management, specializing in Organization and Training. In today's job market, employers do not like functional resumes because they are hard to read and are designed to hide problems. Because we have this functional resume sample on hand and many people still want to know about this type of format, let's take a look to see what makes it tick. Relevant unpaid work is shown in the Work History section next to "Addition experience." It is also referred to in a statement under Relevant Accomplishments.
A self-motivated and organized professional skilled in orchestrating tasks and details to achieve project goals.
A dedicated team player, committed to providing high-quality support and excellent problem-solving skills to all organizational levels. Planned and implemented a highly successful "Daughters to Work" day with GMI committee members, including overall event coordination for 85 participants.
Coordinated logistics for video conferences and offsite meetings among national GMI offices, including travel, accommodations, equipment, and presentation materials. Researched and recommended specific vendors for improved facilities management at Ajax Food Corporation, resulting in reduced costs and more efficient operations. Conducted research, negotiated with new vendors, and instituted an improved company health plan and benefits package at Forestwood Meat Company.

Supervised administrative staff at West Coast Resources, and facilitated orientation for new hires and independent contractors.
Additional experience includes: Trainer, Association Chair, and Service Unit Director for Baltimore Girl Scout Council (BGSC).
Filed under Administrative Assistant Resume Samples, Project Management Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Teacher Resume Samples and tagged Career Change, Functional Resume Samples, No Degree. Our team of professionals at PMP training institute would be glad to help you with your query. I did my hard work to get the promotion as an Assistant Manager & fortunately got the same however sometime later I realized that my career growth chart unlike other professionals, was walking tortoise speed. I still remember the day when I took my first step with AIG, little apprehensive of the world of numbers, stats and ISO that I was getting into.
Attending training programme here became a pivotal point in my life regarding my own personal enhancement, direction and most of all, the simplicity of managing my own state. Pranay Kumar who has unique style of imparting training and is someone who is highly adored by all the students , his practical examples goes a long way in making the concepts clear. It developed by previous experience with the material into a whole new and better understanding of how to apply these principles. Logging in online and attending from your office or home alleviates the busy project management professional from being out of the office to attend a two or three day class.
It was first written as a functional resume back in the 1990s when functional resumes were common and employers more or less liked them. If Mary (not her real name) were making this career change today, she would do better with a combination resume format, which employers trust. By grouping statements by skills and placing the work chronology in its own section, Mary was able to put her statements in order of most relevant first. Handled member and provider concerns with diplomacy, and followed through to ensure resolution.

However, the inspirational and motivational words of Pranay Kumar are still fresh in my mind and heart.
I have been observing how AIG's instructors skillfully and thoughtfully made their presentation special and unique for each person in attendance. Also, the low price of $49.99 USD per class removes the hassle of corporate approval if individuals wish to further their knowledge on their own.
Since I was really good in numbers & analysis, I decided to go for Six Sigma & Lean Training. Pranay Kumar & his training team made these training programs so flexible & simple so that it covers every area of quality as well as statistics.
Post decision, another question cropped up in my mind regarding selection of best training centre. His extensive schedule of preparation for jobs & interviews helped me in getting my new job in India's No.
A person whose career was going nowhere and who was still unsure of his future was suddenly standing into the thick of the actions and had numerous companies asking him to come on their payroll. Post this training program unlike other institutes, I was handled completely by Pranay which helped me in getting lucrative offers & ultimately a path to success.
Today and always, I dedicate, whatever success I have achieved to one and only- Pranay Kumar and his dream AIG.
Pranay Kumar & his team for such a hard work they are putting in to create career paths for others.

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