Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Project managers have to have reliable information on the status of a project’s operations. Our project planning and scheduling programming systems allow reporting at various levels to be linked. Regular monitoring of the  project planning and scheduling  programme quickly identifies any problem areas, highlighting to the project team the need to take appropriate remedial action if required. PPM’s project planning and scheduling  services are not just confined to the construction stage, but are also effectively used to streamline the feasibility, documentation and tendering processes.
We can demonstrate to you the advantages of Linear Scheduling versus traditional Gantt Chart or Pert Chart. Javelin Associates is distributor for Australia and New Zealand of Steven Wood Chain-Link software.
Project planning scheduling - slideshare, Project management orientation program project planning & scheduling basics sadhanandavel r dheenadayalan s.

Project planning, scheduling and control - slideshare, Project planning, scheduling & control the ultimate hands-on guide to bringing projects in on time and on budget james p. PPM has in-house experienced Project Planning and Scheduling programmers to provide regular ongoing critical path scheduling. This ensures that if detailed site programming alters, then management summary programmes are adjusted accordingly. This is done in various levels of detail ranging from summary bar charts for management, to detailed network analysis for site construction. The result is that our project managers and the client’s management remain fully informed on progress and programme.
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