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1 XAC08-6 Professional Project Management Semester 2, 2005-2006 XAC08-6 Professional Project Management This Lecture: Project Charter, Project Management. Project Management Session 7 Project Scope Management Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Burke Chapter 7 & 8 Kerzner Ch. BSBPMG502A Manage Project Scope 5.3 Create Work Breakdown Structure The process of sub dividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more. Copyright 2008 Introduction to Project Management, Second Edition 2 ? Many people have heard the following sayings: ? If you fail to plan, you plan to. Department of Human Services Project Management Office Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development. Using UML, Patterns, and Java Object-Oriented Software Engineering Configuration & Build Management Work Breakdown Structures. Chapter 3: The Project Management Process Groups Information Technology Project Management, Fourth Edition. The WBS is a deliverable-oriented hierarchy of decomposed project components that organises and defines the total scope of the project. For each WBS element, the WBS dictionary includes a statement of work, a list of associated activities, and a list of milestones.

Paint Paint on wall Leftover paint Management products Ladder Brushes and rollers Focus on the product to be delivered and not on the work to do. Consider alternatives: Work Breakdown Structure Product Breakdown Structure Scope Breakdown Structure Use Common Sense in Breakdown the Project. Learning Objectives ? Manage the planning process of a project ? Understand the importance of good project scope. Definition ? “a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project. The WBS is a representation of the detailed project scope statement that specifies the work to be accomplished by the project. Other information can include the responsible organisation, start and end dates, resources required, an estimate of cost, charge number, contract information, quality requirements, and technical references. The elements comprising the WBS assist the stakeholders in viewing the end product of the project. Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) 1 WBS-Construction of House Decide individual tasks.

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