If the mould appears as a result of fair wear and tear or a result of a property maintenance issue - such as a roof leak, then it is the Owners responbility to have it cleaned.
However if the Tenant causes the mould, for example - by not ventilating the bathroom, using an extractor fan or opening a window, it may be the Tenants responsibility to clean up the mould. Although most tenancy laws don't refer specifically to mould, general rules about the responsibility of the Owner to carry out any repairs and the Tenant to maintain the place throughout a tenancy still apply. Please emailĀ us if you'd like to know more about our Property Management Courses or need any further assistance. PMIT inspires, supports and educates property managers with world-class live events, business coaching and mentoring programs. The Property Management System (PMS) is the key technology for hotels and a significant source of not only customer data but also operational data that can help the strategic and operational decision making of hotels.
About 150 mid-scale and up-scale hotels around the world answered a questionnaire investigating the training on the PMS (measured by number of days, budget, and training provider) and performance (measured by occupancy, ADR, GOR).
This research supports that the (previously reported) under-utilization of the PMS may be due to the lack of training and budget! The hotels in our sample show higher occupancy levels when hotels allocate more budget to training for PMS.

When a cluster analysis is conducted, the cluster which included hotels which offered training to their employees through a combination of internal and PMS supplier training AND those which have a substantial amount of budget allocated AND more days training had the highest average occupancy levels. When similar analysis is carried out using the gross operating revenues of hotels as the performance indicator, statistically significant relationships were obtained between PMS training budget and hotel revenues (significant positive correlation and high regression coefficient).
These results show that there is still a lack of the optimal use of the PMS in hotels as there is not enough training for its use provided to the employees. It is always up to the Owner to ensure the premises are maintained and kept in good repair. Unfortunately, as reported in previous research by the same authors, most PMS systems, and their rich data, have not been exploited to their full potential.
Most hotels (65%) stated that they had no budget for training on the PMS in 2011 and 32% of hotels offered no training at all to their employees on the PMS. This research indicates that the training provided is mostly internal and not with the PMS supplier.
Also, occupancy levels are higher when a combination of BOTH in- house training PLUS training through the PMS supplier is employed. This indicates that as PMS training budget is increased, hotel revenues increase as well and in a much higher ratio than the input budget.

Early indications from this ongoing research project show that effective management of the PMS training resources (e.g. With its emphasis on training the future high achievers of hospitality management, EHL regularly adjusts the content of its three programmes in line with new technologies and market trends. In this tip let's discuss the different scenarios so you can become clear on what to do from this point forward!
Be sure to document all correspondence as severe cases may end up being resolved at the Tenancy Tribunal, in which case you'll want to be seen as doing your best.
This current study undertaken at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne investigates the investment in training in the PMS and the relationship between training and business performance at property level.
Revenues of hotels are much higher as the PMS training budget went above 5000 Euros per year. In cases where there is no training, the new employees are simply "shown the ropes" by their supervisors (Chart 3).

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