From the first printing press, pamphlets, telegraphy, telephony, and photography through the electronic media and on to the internet, social media, and mobile devices of the current era, communications technology opens up discursive spaces that can be used to challenge tradition and authority. I think it is crazy that people are afraid to speak in public and it is one of the top fears in the world's population. I agree 100% that this class will help me attain skills that will be useful to me in the future. Anthony ChuIts amazing how much we can say to people and even animals without talking at all. Of course, public speaking is everywhere, not just in presentations, and we do it all the time, even in normal conversations. I am grateful for my communication class and other courses I have taken this summer to get me caught up to modern day technology.
Check out "older posts" by clicking at the bottom of the left hand column, and to scan down the right and see the links!You will be glad and you did and I will feel better, because I like it when someone reads and comments on posts on this blog. If you missed the summer camp, it's still not too late to step into public speaking with the fall classes. Future Leader Academy's first summer public speaking class is now in full swing at its Lexington campus. If you stand for any of the one, you need to be groomed, you need to be trained and you need the right guidance of right kind of trainers who could understand you and dedicatedly guide you in becoming fantastic speaker. World has seen great speakers like Chanakya, Guru Nanak, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King Jr., Swami Vivekananda and many more. Getting Posture and Body Language to be Dynamic Public Speaker How to Speak Effectively and Confidently, How to Overcome Stage Fear, How to Deliver Effective Speech and Presentation, How to Build your Confidence, Memory Development, Know your Audience, Concentrating on the USP of your speech, Getting Knowledge of the Place, How to Prepare Well before Speaking, Importance of Practice and Practice, Keeping your Aggression and Emotions under Control, Secret of Good Delivery, Success Visualization, Developing Personality to Influence more, Removing Fear and Shyness, Developing Leadership Qualities, Corporate Skills, Improving Your Dressing Sense, Negotiation Skills, Amazing Ideas of Salesmanship, Group Discussions and Mock Interview Sessions (If Needed). If U have that burning desire to become successful in life than WABSTALK is the best choice. If you are not comfortable and confident enough to speak in front of people so here’s a solution-wabs talk- my sister has been going for their classes and I have seen a lot of improvement in the way she talks.
Wabs talk change my life especially roocky sir they give me lots of confidence and help me to reinvent myself. For the aforesaid purpose the admittance at Wabs was one of the finest decision of mine in this year and integrity & enthusiasm are the finest assets of theirs.
It was an amazing experience for being at Wabs Talk and enriched myself with the public speaking skills.

Rocky Sir, you made everything easy for us with your guidance and dedication, which was your love and care for us for our improvement.
Though my course is over and we do not meet very frequently, but it will not diminish the important role that you have and will always play in my life. I was looking for the public speaking classes or course in Noida and Gurgaon, then I found WABS TALK. Speaking as a dynamic, meaningful and authentic communication experience, not a dreaded requirement.
Hundreds of years ago or even when this great country was being started peoople risked thier lives just to speak thier mind in a public fourm.
I speak quite often as a trainer and at times I have had butterflies in my stomach, especially for high exectives. But like the prof said in class last week, who care if people dont like you or what they think of you, just do what you need to do.
They get messages with just our movement, facial expressions and sometimes the way we carry ourselves. I used the persuasive model, for example, to convince my boyfriend to sell me the bass that he bought me and then decided that it wasn't a gift in the first place. Even though I haven't been to college since 1981, I still have 20 years of work to go before I can retire.
It will be the person who does not knowhow to learn." - Alvin Toffler, American writer-futurist (1928- ). Wabs Talk, A-3, 3rd Floor, Rajouri Garden, Near Rajouri Garden Metro Station Gate No.5, New Delhi-110027. Rocky Saggoo is an inspirational public speaking trainer at WABS TALK (Institute of Public Speaking and Personality Development). He has trained many renowned  personalities, spoken at various famous places and helped many become dynamic public speaker.
They help you to build up your confidence level and teach how to overcome of your weakness.
I will always remember the time we laughed together, and the happy moments we spent during every class. That is why I enjoy prestenting to an audience, it has been one of my favorite things to do since high school.

I fed him dinner to get him comfortable, convinced him of the benefits of selling the bass, reminded him of the car dealerships turning him down because of his low down payment, and then finally he came around and agreed on the amount I offered. Learning communication skills will help me, help other people more effectively and I can feel better about the job I'm doing. That’s made me think about how important it is to listen to people, to allow people to communicate with you. Students have grown more confident in public speaking, and they have shown great improvement in their presentation skills. We are always busy exploring new ideas so that our students could be benefited and speak confidently, passionately, without any fear or hesitation.
I strongly recommend all of you to join wabs talk if you want more confidence and change in your personality.
While public speaking is literally a one-way transaction, it is also a transaction with the audience, The best communication choices, and the most responsible ones, emerge from approaching it as fundamentally dialogic. However, my opinion and viewpoint have changed now that I am actually understanding this subject more and realizing how much it will help me presently as well as in the future.
Simple techniques of Wabs Talk often transfer a hesitant person to a very confident speaker. I feel more confident, now I am not scared of public speaking and ready to face any challenge. Keep doing your work its help many people like me who hesitate to express themselves or speak among the people. Many students were dragged to class by their parents in the beginning, and now they are anxious to come to the class. He believes that one can overcome any kind of fear by facing it, by confronting it, by challenging it, not by running away from it.

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