Knektion offers public speaking services for seminars, workshops, business gatherings and organizations.
Eric Highland, Knektion’s CEO, is known for his engaging, entertaining, and personal style.
One of the qualities of Eric’s ability to speak in front of large groups is that he seamlessly and effortlessly fine-tunes his speaking engagements, depending on the audience response and comprehension level. Customizing all public speaking engagements to the target audience at hand is one of the areas that Knektion excels in. Knektion offers personalized consulting services for individuals and small groups. However, businesses and organizations often want to bring in an SEO, social networking or blogging specialist to teach a larger group of people at a reduced rate. Knektion CEO Eric Highland is a gifted teacher who provides focused training sessions with a flair of humor and energy. Each teaching session is unique and tailored specifically for the business or organization working with Knektion. Learn practical social engagement strategies designed specifically for Facebook and discuss Facebook Terms of Service that your company must be aware of.
Dynamic content on blogs is not only valuable, but crucial to the success of any online business. Eric will start with an overview of this massively popular microblogging site and progress to step-by-step engagement strategies that will make any Twitter account vibrant.

Contact us today if you have any questions about Knektion’s public speaking and teaching services. We recognize the sacrifice of those who have given their lives & remember their families. The most important Fear Of Public Speaking statistics you will ever read are on this page.Serious Social PhobiaThe graph below shows the results of a large recent study of social fears done in the USA. All of the above is interesting but it pales into insignificance alongside another set of statistics.Yours!In every human endeavour there's normally one thing that's the critical number. Eric has the rare ability to educate while he speaks on SEO, social networking and blogging topics from the 30,000 foot view down to the practical step-by-step processes. A rock-solid speaker, Eric not only informs, but influences action and affects the emotions of listeners in a unique and engaging way.
His lessons are combined with relevant personal stories that will practically equip your company or organization to succeed in the online marketing world.
Every day at Knektion, we spend hours researching the latest information, changes and trends in the SEO world. Have fun with Knektion CEO, Eric Highland, as he presents the latest information on Facebook and how you can leverage it for the success of your business or organization.
As a professional blogger, Knektion’s Eric Highland (CEO) has a vast amount of experiential knowledge, humorous stories and actionable tips to share.

Knektion will customize each public speaking or group teaching session for your business or organization. He makes his topics understandable, and motivates businesses and organizations to be successful in their online marketing endeavors.
Knektion CEO, Eric Highland, will break down the jargon and help your group understand why it matters. Your group will receive instruction on how to reach their intended audience and ultimately receive a great return on investment. We can teach on many topics related to SEO, social networking or blogging and we welcome you to request any topic. Stay up to date and learn useful and actionable items that you can use to rise above your competition.

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