Soft skills (personality development skills) have been long recognized as the number 1 contributing factor to a persona€™s success.
First Personality, an ISO 9001:2008 recognized institution has been a pioneer in personality development training since 1996.
My advice, for those who have attended my Public Speaking Course (in Singapore and Malaysia) and Impactful Presentations Skills Training Workshop (in Singapore and Asia) especially when you’re starting out, is to avoid keeping every slide that you have inherited, and instead adopt the mindset to share rather than to impress. ISOC has run several customised media relations and writing training sessions for UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company.
The International School of Communication (ISOC) is a private institution of higher learning. We operate worldwide from headquarters in London, a training centre in Dubai, and at client sites in more than 50 countries.
ISOC provides Masters-level vocational qualifications that are independently accredited and globally recognised. ISOC has a 10-year track record of delivering award-winning specialist communications and PR training to public and private organisations of all sizes, including blue-chip companies and national governments.
Also, ideal for those who have some public speaking experience but want to fine-tune their skills to become a more effective speaker.
Media SkillsBeginner & AdvancedWe have both course available, both Beginner and Advanced to suit all levels.

These courses are flexible to suit your specific requirements and can be delivered on either a one-to-one or group basis.
Company ProgrammesCustom Built ProgrammeRegardless of whether it’s sales people, team leaders, middle or senior management, the ability to communicate effectively and with confidence is critical. Regardless of the team in question we can build a public speaking programme that will stretch their competencies and deliver real results. One To One CoachingCustomisedPerfect for those with specific individual requirements that are best managed on a one-to-one basis.
Are you looking for an avenue to train and develop your presentation and public speaking skills here in Nigeria?
The `Life Successa€™ personality development program has been designed by industry professionals and only expert specialist trainers with over 10 years+ experience have been chosen as faculty. Call now or visit the centre to have a more detailed discussion with the program coordinator. Is not knowing what will happen when you are in front of people, giving your speech or presentation?  Your fear of public speaking is not that you don’t know your topic. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your material, and to feel like you’re genuinely sharing how you feel about whatever subject it is you’re talking about. He is quick in offering insightful ideas to help us get the most out of each training session.

LiveSpeech helps you learn to speak and present more effectively and confidently in front of live audiences; overcome your fear of speaking in public; breathe life into your presentations! Let us work 1-on-1 in the comfort of your office or residence in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt etc.
It is the uncertainty of outcome – not knowing what will happen when you step to the podium or stage. The last thing you want to do is to be trying too hard to make sure that you phrase things in just the right way and everything is perfect. All these students require personality development or soft skills to give them the extra edge in GD, interview and job success.
When you let go of trying to be perfect, and just try to honestly share what you know it lowers the stress level of public speaking or delivering a presentation immensely.
However, there has been no high quality personality development training institute in Kakadeo till now. My confidence helped me get my promotion to Assistant VP which I never thought was possible previously.”Tan Yuen Leng, Asst VP (Singapore)“As a team leader and VP, I was expected to motivate and lead my staff.

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