When you hear the words “professional speaker,” do they conjure up a particular image in your mind?
Well, my fellow tax practitioners, the “Bee-Bums” in our profession are not found when we find the answer to a mind-numbing question in the U.S. Below is a list of tips that I’ve gathered from some of the hottest keynotes speakers out there today. Mastering these tips will help you to effectively connect with any audience when sharing your expertise. It’s not easy to give a speech or talk in public, but American comedian and popular Youtuber Ze Frank is here to offer some tips. That was the year that Dustin Hoffman was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Golden Globes Award Ceremony. Tax Code, but instead when we discover a way to simplify it so that it can be understood by a layperson. Regardless of your skill level, every public speaker can benefit from these insights I’m about to share.

Personal stories work best, particularly when it comes to those things that we all share in common. You need to go beyond the story to a place that fully expresses the lessons you’ve learned. The more you try to be the next “Comedy Central” star, the more likely you’ll crash and burn. Also, make your presentation an “experience” where the focus is on the audience and their needs.
Create opportunities for dialogue between audience members, so they can reflect on the information that was shared. Plus, you'll receive our exclusive email newsletter, where we promise to deliver actionable advice - straight to your inbox. In a short video, he lists the dos and don’ts of public speaking, peppered with his unique style of humour. After thanking everyone who helped him during his career, he told a story that has a great deal of relevance to public speaking.

Instead, how about sharing a mistake or a time in your life when you suffered embarrassment? Starting with the audience’s perspective in mind is essential for powerful communication that connects and resonates with people. You know that you’ve struck a chord when heads drop and pens begin to move swiftly across notepads (or fingers begin stroking the keys of a laptop). They touch us in our “tenders” – in those soft, vulnerable places where our decisions are made.

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