Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.
At the end of a long 12 year stretch of education, you don't want to spend days writing High School Graduation Speeches that are time consuming and possibly gruelling!  So have a look the sample below - I'm sure it'll simplify the process for you.
For a 5-7 min speech, the text copy should be about 2 pages longs, double-spaced, 12 point font.
If you plan on using a printout of your speech for notes to look at during the delivery, you may find it helpful to increase the font size to 16 or even 18 point. Ita€™s a good idea to practice your speech with the actual notes youa€™ll use during the delivery. Remember, that deck you are building on your laptop will have to be viewable from 20 feet in the back of the room. The extendable pen is a bit of an old school tool and can be distracting as you swing it around during the presentation. This is by far my favorite toy and one of the reasons I look forward to my slide deck presentations. In very general terms, this depends on how familiar you are with the topic and how familiar your audience is with it. Again, this depends on how much you know about the subject matter before you start preparing and it will certainly change with practice. We have so much more to learn A– more about life, about work, about relationships, and yes, more about family.

This will make your notes readable from a distance or even leave them on the lectern, so you dona€™t have to hold them.
If they are 18 point font, as opposed to the 12 point in the standard text document, then use the final 18 point one. By contrast, a laser pointer is quite inconspicuous and can point to any part of the projected screen without having to move your own position around it. Ia€™ve been carrying my Keyspan around for 5 years now (and still running the same battery) ever since Michel Meeks as San Francisco State University let us into the secret of changing slides remotely with a cool little gadget.
If this is something you talk about every day, at home or at work, then it'll only be a matter of organizing your thoughts, structuring the speech and maybe rehearsing it a couple of times, so you can become more comfortable hearing your own voice out loud.
When I don't have time, I just do steps 1 and 3, which sometimes is enough to get me ready to talk the next day.
WeA’re the smallest class this school has seen in a long time - that alone makes us family, even if it is a small one.
When we leave the comfortable confines of our current lives, weA’ll begin to realize how much this school family means. We look to the future with excitement and enthusiasm because we know weA’ll always have this place to return. DidnA’t those first eleven years of schooling seem to just drag along without end?  But this year has gone so fast that it's been a complete blur. If you simply print out the speech in its original format, you may find it harder to refer to when youa€™re standing and you moving your eye focus back and forth from the audience to the printout.

More often than not though, the amount of time I spend in research, rehearsing and general speech preparation is directly proportional to the quality of the speech and the audience's reaction. If, however, this is something new to you you should budget at least 2 or 3 times more time to study, research and understand your topic, before you are ready to organize all the information into a speech.
We shared horror stories about classes and teachers and we came together in support of embattled coaches and staff. After you've done this a few times with different speeches on different topics, you will like need a lot less time. Let's keep in mind that for many people who join Toastmasters, the ultimate goal is to be able to deliver impromptu speeches - without any preparation at all.
We always unite against our school rival, knowing that even if you donA’t love Cody High, itA’s still way better than Powell!
But until we get there, the above timing breakdown is a reminder of the time and effort you should plan on making before the speech. The one thing that has totally occupied our existence for much of our lives up until now, is finally over.

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