How do you add humor to your presentations when you’re not a naturally funny speaker? You know the benefits of making a presentation more humorous but you don’t consider yourself to be a comedian…so what do you do? The video above gives you details and examples on what you can do to improve those public speaking skills. Making your presentation funny doesn’t have to be hard if you follow the rules in the video. As for Osteen, his father was a minister, and he was the behind-the-scenes person for the church until his father died. You can afford to make your body language and vocal delivery a bit bigger when you’re speaking to a large audience. Think about how you can ramp yourself and your style up to speak to a larger audience.  Your stage persona might need to get a bit more “full on”, allowing yourself to be a bit more wild as you increase the size of your audience. Dividing your content into key chunks can help hold the attention span of your large audience. Remember – speaking to a large audience is an opportunity to spread your message further and to have a greater impact as a speaker. Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).

Most coaches have something that they believe in – a pattern that comes through in session after session. So make sure your message is clear, simple and works from every possible perspective that your audience might hold. In a small group you have a personal conversation with a higher level of intimacy whereas in a larger group people can zone in and zone out at any given moment.  It’s much easier for those in the audience to talk to those seated next to them or check their smart phones and then come back to your speech. Powerful Public Speaking is about switching to being able to push your energy behind a message, as well as being able to connect with your audience (which you’ll do naturally as a trained coach). So finding your message to speak about usually comes from connecting the dots and hearing what it is that connects all the clients you most enjoy working with. Now he is so accomplished at public speaking that he has spoken at places like Yankee Stadium to capacity crowds.How to become better at public speakingThere are some things you can do to get better at public speaking. Whatever a ‘big’ audience is for you, how do you get confident to speak in front of them? TV acting, or with a small group of people, loud and dramatic expressions may seem out of place. Here are a few tips to get you started:Know what you are going to say inside and outYou cannot expect to simply “wing it” when you are not an expert public speaker. If you shy away from the limelight, you’re reducing the chance of your message being heard.

Conversely getting up on stage and speaking in a very calm fashion or very small fashion it might not be as engaging to your audience.  There are, of course, always exceptions.
It is okay to pause for a second and collect your thoughts.Show some passionYou don’t need to go all George Brett at the Pine Tar Game, but you should show some enthusiasm about your topic. If you drone on reading your speech in a monotone and seem bored, why shouldn’t you expect the audience to be bored?Work on your speaking in order to improve itRemember that public speaking, like anything else, is a skill that you must work at in order to get better.
Remember, a little-known politician by the way of Bill Clinton gave a disastrous keynote  at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.
A little more than four years later, he gave another important speech, this one more successful — his first inaugural address as President of the United States!
The fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is something that could hold you back in your career and in your life. You will never get to to handle being in charge of a company, or to be honored as a commencement speaker or a keynote speaker, if you cannot speak competently.

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