Her stories and examples will inspire those who are anxious, or even terrified, about public speaking. In addition, we provide job and competency profiling, team competency evaluations, gap analyses and needs assessments. Thanks goes to the USDA Risk Management Agency for funding these trainings and familyfarmed.org for development and administration. Attendees received a 5 hour training and a copy of  “Wholesale Success” , edited by Jim Slama and Atina Diffley.

Share this link with your vegetable farming friends!Agriculture Expert, Atina Diffley, Encourages Local Growers to Differentiate Their ProductMarket research starts long before the seed is in the ground. Learning how to actively seek buyers, negotiate contracts, and build relationships with wholesalers, consumers, and other farmers is crucial for small and mid-sized farmers to succeed—and it’s not a passive process. A Wholesale Success workshop in Leelanau County gave local food producers an opportunity to learn how to enhance their success in the marketplace. Consultant Atina Diffley teaches how to pick and handle produce crops to keep them not only safe, but high quality, and how to keep records of performing these tasks.

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