Artel Scaffolding puts Quality Assurance into everything we do in order to give you ‘Peace of Mind’. Delivering a re-usable QA framework for a complex system update.Collaborative, automated test approach leads to successful project delivery and lays groundwork for better, more efficient QA in future projectsChallengeThe client required end-to-end QA for a system update involving a third-party software service, with associated changes to in-house IT applications and databases, in systems managed by two separate IT teams. At the same time, the Plaster Group provided overall leadership and guidance to manual test planning and execution, authoring a formal test plan, coordinating the work across QA teams, and managing external status communications.
ResultsThe project was completed on time at a high level of quality exceeding client expectations. Additionally, the PDCA template can also be used in Quality Assurance plans or as a free PowerPoint template for Total Quality Management presentations. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Quality Assurance is a system of measures and controls established within an organization to try and manage the Quality of the goods or services being provided.

Over the last year we have continued to build on the high standards we had already set ourselves.
Free Deming Cycle uses a cycle diagram to produce a nice PDCA cycle in PowerPoint slide design. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. Our Quality assurance PowerPoint template is useful to make presentations related to the different prospects of total quality management for an organization. This is evidenced through the attainment of our Achilles Building Confidence accreditation, awarded in September 2011. We understand that in today’s market, it’s not just our extensive experience and expertise which means you are able to accomplish your objectives. Alternatively you can download other free quality management PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations or free PowerPoint templates and slide designs.

As always, never content to rest on our laurels we quickly followed this up with Achilles Link-Up in February 2012 and a FORS Bronze award in September 2012. We back this up through having the proper systems and resources in place, to ensure your contract runs as seamlessly and hassle free as possible. When it is implemented correctly the approach can reduce non-conformances from re-occurring difficult to resolve issues. This free PDCA template is designed with tested problem solving methodologies with planned monitoring activities.

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